Event Schedule

Below is the tentative schedule for the evening.  Times may change based on events around the country and speaker availability.

6:30pm – Webinar broadcast opens – Welcome and Introductions with Chris Adams and Kevin Freeman

6:45pm – Overview of the evening and games/contests by Chris and Kevin with Bailey Rosier

7:00pm – Updates and commentary with Chris and Kevin First polls close: FL, GA, IN*, KY*, SC, VA, VT)

7:15pm – Cullen C. Merritt from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis – “How Do Elections Impact Public Administration?”

7:30pm – “Bailey’s Election Night Bingo Update” with Bailey Rosier Ohio polls close, polls close in NC and WV

7:45pm – Terri Enns and Steve Huefner from Election Law at Ohio State – “How Has the Day Gone?”

8:00pm – Updates and commentary with Chris and Kevin Polls close in 20 states and D.C.

8:15pm – “Senate Point/Counterpoint” with Colin Flanagan and Alan Shvartsman

8:30pm – Lauren C. Bell from Randolph-Macon College – “Congress and the Courts”

8:45pm – Kahoot Contest #1 with Ryan Craig and “Out of State Voting” with Blake Murray

9:00pm – Updates and commentary with Chris and KevinPolls close in AZ, CO, KS, LA, MI, MN, NE, NM, NY, ND, SD, TX, WI, WY

9:15pm – Vlad Kogan from The Ohio State University – “Events of the Evening”

9:30pm – Claire’s Comedy Set with Claire Heinle

9:45pmNataliya Gumenyuk from Hromadske TV (Ukraine) and Jeff Trimble from The Ohio State University – “America’s Election from an International Perspective”

10:00pm – Kahoot Contest #2 with Ryan Craig | Polls close in ID*, IA, MT, NV, OR*, UT

10:15pmSimon Haeder and Christopher Witko from Pennsylvania State University – “The State of Things in Pennsylvania”

10:30pm – Student segment – Lacie Noland and Imani Womack – “Poll Worker Perspectives”

10:45pm – Terri Enns and Steve Huefner from Election Law at Ohio State – “What Happens Next?”

11:00pmPolls close in CA, HI, ID*, OR*, WA

11:15pm – Wrap-up and final updates by Chris and Kevin

11:30pm – Webinar broadcast concludes.

* – some states have multiple poll closing times