Recent Academic Articles by Election Law at Ohio State Faculty Experts

Foley, Edward B. Requiring Majority Winners for Congressional Elections: Harnessing Federalism to Combat Extremism, __  Lewis & Clark L. Rev. __ (forthcoming)

Foley, Edward B. Tournament Elections with Round-Robin Primaries: A Sports Analogy for Electoral Reform, 2021 U. Wisc. L. Rev. 1187-1229 (2021)

Foley, Edward B. Assessing the Validity of an Election’s Result: History, Theory, and Present Threats, 95 NYU L. Rev. Online 171-238 (2020)

Foley, Edward B. and Charles Stewart III. Explaining the Blue Shift in Election Canvassing, 1 J. Pol. Inst. & Pol. Econ. 239-265 (2020)

Huefner, Steven. F. What if the 2020 Presidential Election is Disputed?, 81 Ohio St. L. J. Online (2020)

Foley, Edward B. Trump v. Biden: An Opinion for a Hypothetical Case, 81 Ohio St. L. J. Online 191-202 (2020)

Foley, Edward B. The Danger of Democracy’s Self-Doubt, 16 Ohio St. Tech. L. J. 467-472 (2020)

Foley, Edward B. Preparing for a Disputed Presidential Election: An Exercise in Election Risk Assessment and Management, 51 Loyola U. Chicago L. J. 309 (2020)
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Books by Election Law at Ohio State Faculty Experts

Foley, Edward B., Michael J. Pitts, and Joshua A. Douglas. Election Law and Litigation: The Judicial Regulation of Politics. Aspen Casebook Series. Wolters Kluwer, 2022 (2d ed.)

Foley, Edward B. Presidential Elections and Majority Rule: The Rise, Decline, and Potential Restoration of the Jeffersonian Electoral College. Oxford University Press, 2020.

Foley, Edward B. and Steven F. Huefner. Principles of Law, Election Administration: Non-Precinct Voting and Resolution of Ballot-Counting Disputes. The American Law Institute, 2019.

Foley, Edward B. Ballot Battles: The History of Disputed Elections in the United States. Oxford University Press, 2016. (Finalist for 2016 David J. Langum, Sr. Prize in American Legal History.)


Recent Book Chapters by Election Law at Ohio State Faculty Experts

Foley, Edward B. “Winnowing and Endorsing: Separating the Two Distinct Functions of Party Primaries.” In The Best Candidate: Presidential Nomination in Polarized Times, edited by Eugene D. Mazo and Micharl R. Dimino, 80-104. Cambridge University Press, 2020.