Picking Up the Pieces of the 2020 Election: A Conversation among Election Law Scholars

The horrendous attack on the Capitol last Wednesday, and the assault upon free and fair elections that it signifies, makes this final session of our series of roundtable discussions all the more urgent. As with our previous conversations in October, November, and December, we will invite our panelists to offer “top of mind” thoughts and let the dialogue flow organically. As a result we can anticipate some hindsight-oriented inquiry into “what exactly happened and why?” as well as reform-oriented inquiry on how to fix our electoral system to prevent this kind of thing from ever happening again. We hope you are able to join us.


RECORDING of the Zoom Webinar

(We have reviewed and edited the audio transcript to correct errors; some transcription errors may still exist.)

HOST: Edward B. Foley | Charles W. Ebersold and Florence Whitcomb Ebersold Chair in Constitutional Law; Director, Election Law, Moritz College of Law, The Ohio State University

MODERATOR: Steven F. Huefner | C. William O’Neill Professor in Law and Judicial Administration; Deputy Director, Election Law, Moritz College of Law, The Ohio State University


Guy-Uriel Charles | Edward and Ellen Schwarzman Professor of Law, Co-director of the Duke Law Center on Law, Race and Politics, Duke Law

Joshua A. DouglasAshland, Inc-Spears Distinguished Research Professor of Law, Rosenberg College of Law, University of Kentucky

Rebecca Green | Professor of the Practice of Law, Kelly Professor of Excellence in Teaching, Co-Director of the Election Law Program, William & Mary Law School

Richard L. Hasen | Chancellor’s Professor of Law and Political Science, UC Irvine School of Law

Justin Levitt Associate Dean for Research, Professor of Law, Loyola Law School 

Lisa Manheim | Charles I. Stone Associate Professor of Law, University of Washington School of Law

Michael T. Morley | Assistant Professor, Florida State University College of Law 

Derek T. Muller | Professor of Law, University of Iowa College of Law

Nathaniel Persily | James B. McClatchy Professor of Law at Stanford Law School

Richard H. Pildes | Sudler Family Professor of Constitutional Law, New York University School of Law

Charles Stewart III | Kenan Sahin Distinguished Professor of Political Science, MIT; Co-director, Caltech/MIT Voting Technology Project; Director, MIT Election Data and Science Lab

Franita Tolson | Vice Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs, and Professor of Law, USC Gould School of Law