Session II: Suzanne M. Scharer Room

Bohyun Jang and Nicole Walton

From Left: Bohyun Jang and Nicole Walton presented at the 2014 Student Research Forum. Not pictured: Emby Miller. Copyright 2014 – The Ohio State University. All Rights Reserved.

Bohyun Jang
Human Sciences, Human Development and Family Science
Dr. Anastasia Snyder, Advisor

Title: Mobility of Emerging Adults: A Cohort Comparison of College Graduates’ and Non-College Graduates’ Moving Experiences
Abstract: Using the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth, this study examines mobility patterns of emerging adults in the United States. As postsecondary education is considered the most important factor differentiating life course experiences during the emerging adulthood, young adults’ moving experiences are compared between college graduates and non-college graduates. Contact:

Emby Miller
Human Sciences, Human Development and Family Science
Dr. Deanna Wilkinson, Advisor

Title: Education in Peril: A Comparative Case Study of Black Male Dropouts and Graduates
Abstract: This study investigates how the developmental systems of family, neighborhood, peers and education shape the youth’s perspective on school. Findings reveal that dropouts and graduates experience high levels of risk factors. Contact:

Nicole Walton
Human Sciences, Human Development and Family Science
Dr. Keeley Pratt, Advisor

Title: Predictors of Follow-up for Overweight Youth and Parents
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to explore predictors of overweight youth and parents attending a follow-up visit. Predictors include demographics, quality of life, depression, youth BMI, and pediatrician assessment of likelihood to change. Contact:

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