Seed Grants

2018-2019 Seed Grant Awardees: (click here for details)

Lauren Jones (Human Sciences)

The long-term effects of the earned income tax credit on health outcomes

Minjung Kim (Educational Studies) 

Assessing causal mechanisms in complex educational data: A new approach of multilevel mediation

Charis Price (Educational Studies)

Implementation of a multi-component intervention to teach behavioral expectations

Kelly Purtell (Human Sciences) 

Understanding parental mindsets: Origins and Implications for early childhood development

Winston Thompson (Educational Studies) 

With abiding morality and an enduring sense of justice: An investigation of the meanings health and physical education professionals ascribe to their involvement in the restoration of school programs

2016-2017 Seed Grant Awardees:(click here for details)

Lin Ding (Teaching and Learning) and Ian Krajbich (Arts and Sciences)

Discovery Through the Eyes of Problem Solvers: Using Eye-Tracking Technology to Explore the Mechanisms of Successful and Unsuccessful Approaches to Synthesis Physics Problems

Leslie Moore (Teaching and Learning) and Monique Mills (Arts and Sciences)

Assessing Students’ Narrative Language: Emic and Etic Perceptions

Elaine Richardson (Teaching and Learning) and Wendy Smooth (Arts and Sciences)

Girls of Color as Social Change Agents: Identifying Pathways to Leadership

Ouliana Ziouzenkova (Human Sciences), Randy Nelson (College of Medicine) and Jonathan Parquette (Arts and Sciences)

Development of Nanoscaffold-Delivery of Insulin-Sensitizing Proteins to Target Diabetes

2015-2016 Seed Grant Awardees:(click here for details)

Theodore Chao and Michael Battista, Department of Teaching and Learning

Developing and pilot testing of an electronic environment for helping elementary teachers attend to and understand their student’s mathematical thinking

Cristian Gugiu and Mihaiela Gugiu, Department of Educational Studies

Do background variables matter to ratings of teacher effectiveness

Michael Betz and Anastasia Snyder, Department of Human Sciences

The shale boom’s effect on the distribution of income and wealth in rural communities: implications for families

Kelly Purtell, Department of Human Sciences, and Jessica Logan, CETE

Producing high quality childcare: Barriers and best practices in Columbus childcare centers

2014-2015 Seed Grant Awardees:(click here for details)

Troyan, Francis J. (Teaching and Learning) & Bengochea, Alain. (CCEC)  Investigating ideologies and responsive practices in language immersion education for emergent bilinguals: A pilot study.

Hatsu, Irene. (Human Sciences), Slesnick, Natasha. (Human Sciences) & Hade, Erinn. (Medicine)  Micronutrients deficiencies and mental health among homeless youth.

Lin, Tzu-Jung. (Educational Studies) & Anderman, Eric. (Educational Studies)  Promoting the social and cognitive competence of early adolescence.

Li, Weidong. (Human Sciences), Cao, Lei. (Medicine) & Ziouzenkova, Ouliana. (Human Sciences)  Impact of overtraining on hippocampal neurogenesis and potential mechanisms: Establishing a mice model.

Pratt, Keeley. (Human Sciences), Gunther, Carolyn. (Human Sciences), Goodway, Jackie. (Human Sciences) & Purtell, Kelly. (Human Sciences)  School-based health clinic utilization and barriers to participation: improving the health-related quality of life and SFC parents and youth.

 Gugiu, Mihaiela. (CCEC), Gugiu, P. Cristian. (Educational Studies), Barnes, Michael. (Educational Studies) & Sanders, Margaret. (Educational Studies).  Poverty and education: Estimating the impacts parents have on their children’s early educational performance.

Tsuda, Emi. (Human Sciences), Goodway, Jackie. (Human Sciences – mentor) & Famelia, Ruri. (Human Sciences)  Who is sitting on the playground: examining the underlying mechanisms associated with being physically active during free play on the playground?