March 2013 Awards

MALONE, HELEN IRENE; Wheaton, Joe Edward
Educational Studies
Project Title: inPromptu app refinement
Project Dates: 10/1/2012 – 9/30/2013
Anticipated Total Award Amount: $12,793
Project Sponsor: US Department of Education
Project Abstract: The inPromptu app was designed to teach daily living skills to students with moderate to severe disabilities using a video prompting system displayed on an iOS device. By providing individuals with moderate to profound disabilities a means to access instruction independently, we are providing a highly relevant assistive technology to this population of individuals. The app is available through the Apple App Store free of charge to all users. The goals of this project are to identify a developer who can make significant refinements to the app based on data we have collected working with students with severe to profound disabilities. The final outcome of this project will be a fully redeveloped app that will allow our users much greater usability by allowing for individualization of the app.

Human Sciences
Project Title: National center on quality teaching and learning
Project Dates: 9/15/2012 – 9/14/2013
Anticipated Total Award Amount: $47,748
Project Sponsor: Vanderbilt University/Administration for Children and Families
Project Abstract: The Head Start National Center on Quality Teaching and Learning provides support and technical assistance to Head Start regions, States, and grantees as they promote school readiness for all children. Part of this support is providing resources around evidence-based professional development approaches like coaching. NCQTL’s coaching model, practice-based coaching, is one of many approaches to coaching. The goal of practice-based coaching is to help teachers use effective everyday teaching practices that are important for children’s school readiness. It involves (a) helping teachers use newly acquired skills, strategies, or models on the job and (b) linking those skills, strategies, or models to positive child outcomes. OSU has four key responsibilities for the project: Product Development, Coaching Team Coordination, Field Testing, and Training and Professional Development. First, the PI will support the development of a Program Leaders’ Guide to Practice-Based Coaching, Coaching Case Studies, Component Documents, Training Materials, and peer-reviewed manuscripts. Second, the PI will coordinate the communications of the NCQTL coaching team across universities and partner organizations. Third, OSU will lead a field testing site to refine and evaluate Practice-Based Coaching. Finally, the PI will provide training and professional development at the local, state, regional, and national level as identified by NCQTL and Vanderbilt University. More Information

NORTON, ROBERT E; Mahlman, Robert Alan
Project Title: DACUM workshop services
Project Dates: 2/1/2013 – 3/31/2013
Anticipated Total Award Amount: $4,500
Project Sponsor: Marathon Pipe Line LLC