December 2019

Dean Lillard

Principal Investigator: Dean Lillard
Project Dates: 09/24/2019-08/31/2021
Anticipated Total Award Amount: $156,000
Project Sponsor: National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

Archiving, enhancing, and expanding the cross-national equivalent file

In the project, “Archiving, Enhancing, and Expanding the Cross-National Equivalent File” (submitted under PAR-16-149), we will support, enhance, and expand the Cross-National Equivalent Files (CNEF). The CNEF is a cooperative effort of individuals and institutions that, as of 2019, compiles panel survey data from nine countries. The studies include the US Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID), UK British Household Panel Study (BHPS), Household Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia Survey (HILDA), Japan Household Panel Survey (JHPS), Korea Labor and Income Panel (KLIPS), Russia Longitudinal Monitoring Study-Higher School of Economics (RLMS-HSE), Canadian Survey of Labor and Income Dynamics (SLID), German Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP), and Swiss Household Panel (SHP). The CNEF harmonizes data common to two or more of the country-based surveys, allows researchers access to both the harmonized and original data, provides all harmonization algorithms, and focuses on some of the most successful nationally representative ongoing longitudinal micro-data sets in the world.

Researchers around the world use CNEF data to study social science questions in a cross-country comparative framework. They study questions that are scientifically important and relevant to current policy debates. CNEF value as a rich resource for such studies is likely to grow as people, economies, and governments become ever more inter-connected. The CNEF data are resources the research community uses to produce new knowledge, deeper understanding and better evidence to guide policy-makers as they adapt
policies to new social and economic realities.

Interest in cross-national comparative research is deep and widespread. A simple GoogleScholar search for the phrases “cross-national” or “cross national” yields more than 1,740,000 “hits,” many of which consist of articles in scholarly publications on a wide range of topics that includes cross-national comparisons of academic organizations, major depression, bipolar disorder, economic growth, earnings, income inequality, political participation, prostate cancer mortality, and patent rights.

This project will add the newly produced JHPS-CNEF data, update CNEF with new data releases and will further enhance documentation and dissemination tools that will increase the use of the data and make it easier for both the scientific, policy, and general public communities to share in and find out about the results of research using CNEF data.

Jessica Logan

Principal Investigator: Jessica Logan
Project Dates: 07/01/2019-06/30/2024
Anticipated Total Award Amount: $602,500
Project Sponsor: University of Texas Health Science Center – Houston

Developing Talkers: Building Effective Teachers of Academic Language Skills




Principal Investigator:Barbara Boone
Project Dates: 10/01/2019-09/30/2020
Anticipated Total Award Amount: $100,000
Project Sponsor: Ohio Department of Education

SPDG family & community engagement for early language and literacy



Principal Investigator:Arya Ansari
Project Dates: 10/01/2019-09/30/2020
Anticipated Total Award Amount: $29,164.10
Project Sponsor:Spencer Foundation

Present, engaged, and ready to learn: The school absences of America’s youngest children



Principal Investigator: Richard Bruno
Project Dates: 12/1/19-12/1/22
Anticipated Total Award Amount: $319,680
Project Sponsor: American Egg Board

Achieving nutritional adequacy of vitamins E and K with an egg/plant-based food pairing



Principal Investigator: Laura Justice
Project Dates: 10/01/2019-09/30/2020
Anticipated Total Award Amount: TBD
Project Sponsor: Ohio Department of Education

Child adult care food program (CACFP) renewal 2019-2020



Principal Investigator: Barbara Boone
Project Dates: 07/01/2019-09/30/2020
Anticipated Total Award Amount: 174,000
Project Sponsor: ODE

Coordination of regional family-community engagement network: IDEA parent, community, and educator collaboration FY 20