August 2013 Awards

Human Sciences
Project Title: Acute and sustained effects of Spirulina on fatigue related measures
Project Dates: 04/10/2013 – 12/31/2013
Anticipated Total Award Amount: $68,581
Project Sponsor: Cyanotech Corporation

LUTHY, NICOLE; Justice, Laura M; Ross, Melissa Camille
Ohio Resource Center
Project Title: Early childhood comprehensive professional development project
Project Dates: 06/01/2013 – 12/30/2015
Anticipated Total Award Amount: $612,500
Project Sponsor: OH Child Care Resource & Referral Assoc
Project Abstract: The State has a mission that all early childhood professionals will have access to coordinated professional development opportunities and on-going supports that build their knowledge, competencies and skills for working with young children (birth through kindergarten entry) to achieve the outcomes of Ohio’s Race to the Top (RttT)—early Learning challenge Grant (ELCG). This mission is realized through the creation of a Comprehensive Professional Development System (CPDS) that targeted for Ohio’s early childhood professionals that includes a coordination and delivery model for the CPDS, crafting new PD modules, transformation of all PD into a common format for electronic delivery and delivery of the PD and associated technical assistance/coaching in conjunction with Ohio’s existing professional development provider networks. The Early Childhood Comprehensive Professional Development project is purposed bring this system into existence and to support it through innovative uses of online learning and strategic supports for providers of early learning opportunities. This new PD is being developed in partnerships around the state and is managed by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE). The College of Education and Human Ecology (CEHE), specifically the Center for Learning Excellence is working in collaboration with experts from Bowling Green State University, the University of Cincinnati, Miami University, Ohio University, Lorain County ESC and the ODE to the develop PD modules for early childhood professionals. The Ohio Resource Center, also one of CEHE’s Centers, is responsible for the conversion of the developed PD modules to an electronic (online) format and for the integration of the new PD modules with the State sponsored Learning Management System (LMS), ilearnOhio.

Project Title: CTE career field technical content standards 2013
Project Dates: 05/15/2013 – 06/30/2013
Anticipated Total Award Amount: $55,000
Project Sponsor: OH Department of Education
Project Abstract: CETE will develop Content Standards for the Agricultural and Environmental Systems Career Field and the Arts and Communications Career Field for ODE. This includes planning and coordinating the project, researching relevant labor market data, tracking state and national documents referenced, and assembling panels of business leaders across each of the industry sectors. Once the standards are developed with input from subject matter experts and ODE staff, CETE will hold content validation panels and conduct a Depth of Knowledge analysis on the content standards. More Information

Schoenbaum Family Center
Project Title: Quality achievement award—SUTQ
Project Dates: 05/21/2013 – 05/20/2014
Anticipated Total Award Amount: $12,000
Project Sponsor: OH Child Care Resource & Referral Assoc

Teaching and Learning
Project Title: Personnel preparation special education and related services
Project Dates: 09/01/2013 – 08/31/2018
Anticipated Total Award Amount: $1,250,000
Project Sponsor: US Department of Education
Project Abstract: The Alternative Pathway Program (APP) at The Ohio State University, implemented in 2004, is a one year program designed for licensed teachers to complete coursework resulting in an intervention specialist licensure in visual impairment. Coursework is predominately taught online with scholars meeting a few Saturdays per semester as well as in the summer to complete licensure requirements. All APP courses and requirements reflect national standards, current research, and best practice. All faculty and staff are highly trained and have numerous years of experience. The grant will fund 35 teachers, 7 per year, to become licensed intervention specialists in visual impairment. Students accepted into the grant program will be awarded a scholarship which includes all trainee costs and therefore will not be required to work as a condition of receiving support. This program has three goals: (1) to increase the number of highly qualified licensed teachers of students with visual impairments, (2) increase the number of minority teachers of students with visual impairments, and (3) to increase the achievement level of the students for which the graduates will be teaching. All goals are measured and evaluated through an external evaluator and data provided to the program. More Information