2021-2022 Seed Grant Awardees:

Dr. Sophia Jeong (Teaching and Learning), Ashlyn Pierson (Teaching & Learning), Azita Manouchehri (Teaching & Learning)

Secondary preservice science teachers’ learning as becomings through the lens of rhizomatic thinking.

Dr. Sophia Jeong (Teaching and Learning), Kathryn Bateman (Temple University, Department of Psychology), Brandon Sherman (Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis, Urban Teacher Education), Azita Manoucheri (Teaching & Learning), Peter Sayer (Teaching & Learning)

Cultivating Innovative Methodologies and Transdisciplinarity through Dialogic Reflexivity

Dr. Tanya Middleton (Educational Studies), Collete T. Dollarhide (Educational Studies), Ezekiel Peebles (Student Wellness Center), Bhudayal Arjune

Pathways to the Professorate in Counselor Education

Dr. Ashlyn Pierson (Teaching and Learning), Tiffany Wild (Teaching and Learning), Matthew Brock (Educational Studies), Sophia Jeong (Teaching and Learning)

Project MIST (Modeling for Inclusive Science Teaching): Developing Effective Science Instruction for Students classified as English Learners and Students with Disabilities