Data Analysts Group

The Data Analysts Group (DAG) is a dynamic and collaborative team within the EHE community, dedicated to the art and science of data analytics. This initiative, launched in Spring 2023, embraces a College-wide, team-based approach to empower data enthusiasts across various EHE departments. DAG comprises dedicated individuals, representing different facets of our community.


Our primary goal is to equip our members with the skills and knowledge required for effective data analysis. Through weekly check-in meetings, we review ongoing projects, chart progress, and overcome challenges. Our training curriculum covers a range of topics, including Graduate Recruitment, Student Records, Enrollment, Microsoft Excel for Data Analysis, and data visualization using Tableau. We foster a learning environment through virtual classrooms and cross-training sessions, preparing our members to tackle recurring tasks with ease.

As the DAG initiative gathers momentum, it allows IR@EHE staff to delegate tasks that members can complete independently. Our group is the embodiment of collaborative data analysis, providing valuable insights that enhance our educational and research endeavors.

Our Teams

Aaron Bagent

Curriculum Specialist

Aaron graduated from The Ohio State University in 2008 with a B.A. in History.  Prior to coming to the College of Education and Human Ecology, he was with the Office of Technology and Digital Innovation working as a Senior Access Administrator.


Jena Bernth, M.A.

Academic Services Coordinator

Jena has worked at Ohio State for just over 10 years as an Academic Counselor, Specialist, and Coordinator. She has primarily worked for the Department of Teaching & Learning, managing the schedule of classes and coordinating Graduate Associate assignments with college and department leadership. Her experience with analyzing enrollment data peaked her interest in data analytics. She earned a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership from Eastern Michigan University, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Public and Nonprofit Administration from Grand Valley State University.

Shaun Gunter

Registration and Records Specialist

Shaun Gunter is the Registration and Records Specialist in OSU’s Department of Educational Studies, where he oversees scheduling and provides administrative support to faculty and staff. He was the 2021-22 Outstanding Graduate Student in Wright State’s Master of Humanities program, where he specialized in Asian spiritualities and philosophies. Having explored qualitative methods of thinking, he has interests in analytical methods, query languages, and data visualization, which drive his efforts in EHE’s Data Analyst Group.