How it Works


Follow These Easy Steps to Lead Your Own GSIRI Research Project!


Post Your Idea The GSIRI process begins with a great idea! Would you like to gather data to explore the intersections between learning and physical health, nutrition and behavior in school, or philosophy and the management of public organizations? Are you interested in asking a big question – a question too big for one perspective? You can submit an idea in the form of a working title and primary aim of a study that you would like to undertake. We will post your idea on the GSIRI website so that other graduate students can learn about your interests, and consider joining your team. This is a required step in the GSIRI application process.
Build Your Team The next step in the GSIRI process is to form your team. GSIRI projects are all team-based. Graduate students on the GSIRI team must represent more than one department, program, or discipline in order for the team to qualify for funding. It’s not always easy for graduate students to meet across disciplines, so the GSIRI website offers you the opportunity to share your ideas with others. Once your idea is posted other students with similar interests can connect with you to explore the possibility of working on your research team. You can also review ideas from other GSIRI posts to seek out others.
Find a Faculty PI Every GSIRI team will need to find an EHE faculty member who will act as the Principal Investigator (PI) for the GSIRI proposal. Faculty PIs play a critical role by mentoring the team in crafting a high quality proposal, obtaining IRB approval for the work, and managing the research project. If you aren’t able to find a faculty PI on our own, the Office of Research, Innovation and Collaboration (ORIC) can help!
Write Your Proposal Once you have your team and your faculty PI lined up, it’s time to write a fantastic proposal. You can find specific requirements for your proposal and evaluation rubric here. In order to turn your idea into a winning proposal, you will need a strong proposal narrative and well-developed budget that explains how GSIRI funds will be used to help complete the research. The grants managers in the Office of Research, Innovation and Collaboration (ORIC) will help you pull it all together. Once you have decided to move forward with you proposal, contact Michael Moses or Ann Smith for help in getting all the pieces ready for submission.
Submit Your Proposal When your proposal is ready, you can submit your proposal on the GSIRI website.