Health & Wellness Resources

Your health and wellness are important to your success as a student and individual. Below you will find some resources to support you.

Counseling and Consultation Services (CCS): Provides a variety of confidential support services to current students and spouses/partners of students who are covered by the Comprehensive Student Health Insurance. CCS counselors provide support through a wide range of issues that can cause barriers to learning, such as strained relationships, increased anxiety, alcohol/drug problems, feeling down, adjusting to campus, difficulty concentrating, and lack of motivation. They provide one-on-one in-person counseling, group meetings, multi-lingual services, drop-in workshops, and phone screenings just to name a few.

If you prefer to talk to someone over the phone or outside of CCS hours, 24-hour emergency help is available through the 24/7 National Prevention Hotline at 1-(800)-273-TALK or at

Graduate Association of Mental Health Action and Advocacy (GAMHAA): Provides support and advocacy for the needs of OSU graduate students’ mental health and wellness by spreading awareness, enacting anti-stigma initiatives, and advocating for positive grassroots change in the way graduate study is conducted at OSU.

Office of Student Life Recreational Sports: Offers the OSU community opportunities to live active and meaningful lives. Take advantage of their facilities all over campus and programs to support your health and well-being, such as group fitness classes, intramural sports, outdoor recreation, sports clubs, and trainings and certifications. Your student fees include a membership, so why not participate?

Student Wellness Center (SWC): Located in the RPAC, the SWC provides students with a wide variety of resources to support your personal development using the 9 Dimensions of Wellness model to help your reach your personal and professional goals while helping your reduce stress and create balance in your life. Services offered include one-on-one wellness coaching, wellness assessments, nutrition coaching, financial coaching, and alcohol, tobacco, and other drug programming.

Student Advocacy: Offers services to help students navigate and resolve issues that they may encounter at the university, including health and personal crises, appeals, petitions, and financial emergencies.

Student Health Insurance (SHI): Designed specifically for OSU students, the SHI provides guidance, tools, and resources for the benefits plan, which covers medical, mental health, prescription, vision, and dental.