5 Tips for recording in the Whisper Room

microphone-309680_640Here are some great tips for recording in  EHE Edtech’s Whisper Room!

1. Know your script!

Remember to have your script prepared so that recordings can be completed efficiently, and practice it before you come for your appointment.  Waiting for the recording session to practice your script will waste valuable time and effort.

2. Make sure you’re at the right volume. 

Pay attention to audio levels with whatever program you choose to use.  It is always a good idea to do a test recording of a few sentences of your script, and listen to it, before spending the time to record your entire script.  You can adjust your speaking volume and your distance from the microphone until you get the result you are looking to achieve.  Also be aware that any sounds in the room will be recorded.  Avoid clothes that make noise when you move, excessive mouse clicks, and paper shuffling.

3. Figure out what program you want to use to record. 

In the Whisper Room, we provide the programs Garageband and Audacity. Choose which program is best for your project (Is it a long recording? Is there music involved? etc.). Garageband provides more tracks and mixing options; Audacity is a straightforward voice recorder.  We do provide step by step directions to use Garageband both in a written document located in the Whisper Room and video format: Whisper Room Tutorial  

4. Cut out what you don’t need. 

After recording go back to the audio timeline and delete the audio that you know you don’t need.  The beautiful part about Garageband is that it is a non-destructive editor.  This means that you can always pull back the part of your audio that you over trimmed to its original length.  For more on this topic watch the Whisper Room Tutorial: Whisper Room Tutorial 

5. Save and export correctly.

Saving and exporting with the programs offered can be confusing for some. Use the direction sheets provided in the Whisper Room, or watch the Whisper Room Tutorial to make sure your audio content is saved and exported in the correct format.

Happy Recording! – Edtech Multimedia Team