EdTech Spotlight- Kelvin Trefz

Meet Educational Technologist-Kelvin Trefz!

Kelvin hails from Cardington, Ohio and earned his Undergraduate and Masters Degrees from The Ohio State University. Kelvin’s undergraduate is in Science Education while his Master’s Degree is in Instructional Design. Some highlights of Kelvin’s career include teaching high school Physics and becoming a lecturer and demonstrator of the OSU Department of Physics. Before moving to EHE EdTech, Kelvin worked as an instructional designer for the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO).Kelvin Trefz Educational Technologist

There, he helped manage the Carmen online system that Ohio State students and faculty use for their courses. Kelvin has been with EHE EdTech for four years and has made great contributions to the EdTech team. During his time here, Kelvin has worked on quite a few courses. He has been involved in developing a new survey system that will allow professors to receive student feedback during the semester.  Recently Kelvin has been working closely on the Quality Matters project, which along with the Edtech Curriculum Committee guidelines, helps set standards for online course Syllabi.  Kelvin is looking forward to emerging technologies that the EdTech office will utilize in the future. We love Kelvin’s talent and what he continues to add to the team!

EdTech Spotlight- Andy Vogel

Introducing Andy Vogel!

We are excited to introduce our newest member to the EdTech staff-Andy Vogel! Andy was born and raised the Columbus area and finished his undergrad at Ohio University. After graduating, he worked for the Office of Student Life for two years. He is enrolled in the Educational Technology master’s program here in The College of Education and Human Ecology.

He has a passion for teaching, video editing and educational technology in general. He helped found a student organization called Graduate Student Council for Education Technology.  His primary job will be overseeing the EHE College Commons as well as other administrative tasks. In the future, Andy hopes to be involved with our Whisper Room and our One Button Studio. He hopes that this position will help him become a more vocal figure within the Educational Technology program and that this position will help him achieve his future career aspirations.

We are excited that Andy will be lending his talents, skills, and interest to the team! Please, stop by and introduce yourself to Andy!