Top Five Tips for creating great video!

Top Five Tips for creating great video content from the EdTech multimedia team!

1. Make sure equipment is prepared beforehand.

15602234873_b07bb7ea8f_oIt’s always important that production equipment such as cameras, microphones and batteries are prepared before you plan to shoot. It’s easy to run into trouble is a battery wasn’t charged for instance.  The best practice is to lay out all of the equipment you will need for your production the night before, and do a test run to make sure everything is working as expected.  Also, don’t be afraid to throw in extra batteries and memory cards.  They don’t take much space, and it is always better to have more than you need than not enough.

2. Practice Practice Practice!

Know your equipment and how it works before shooting. Technology is frequently changing. Experiment with production technology before shooting so that you’re prepared when it’s time to film.

3. Keep files well organized. 

When organizing footage especially if you’re using footage from different cameras, make sure that files and folders are labeled accordingly. This way your content is easily accessible.

4. Show rough video drafts to colleagues or peers for constructive feedback.

Getting a second opinion on a project can help improve the quality dramatically. Video is an art form, and thus, people will have different perspectives. Getting feedback from respected peers or colleagues is an important part of the video creation process.

5. Be creative!

Even utilizing simple editing software you have the potential to create something great. Try new things every time you’re creating a video to improve the quality of your content as well as develop your technical skills.

Happy production! – Edtech Multimedia Team