EHE One Button Overview Video

Have you ever wanted to record yourself on video without the hassle of setting up a camera and microphone? Are you looking for a quick an easy way to get high-quality recordings without in-depth knowledge of video equipment?

“The One Button Studio is a simplified recording environment that can be used without any previous video production experience.” The College of Education and Human Ecology’s EdTech team built a One Button Studio in Ramseyer 360A for EHE students and faculty to use for academic projects.

While the One Button’s recording process is simplified and streamlined, it is always useful to know what to expect before recording any video. That is where the EHE One Button Overview video comes in. Once customers reserve the space, this video is sent to them via email to prepare them for their recording session.

This video was designed in collaboration with the co-workers who oversee the studio’s day-to-day studio operation. With their guidance, we were able to ensure that we addressed many of the common pitfalls of the first time user, as well as provide helpful reminders about wardrobe selection and presentation techniques that benefit even those with more advanced recording experience.

In the video, we open with a few pre-recording suggestions and follow up with an example of what a typical studio experience will be like. In a similar style to the Whisper Room Tutorial we made earlier this year, the voiceover was implemented to deliver the verbal instruction, which works in tandem with corresponding visuals. This combination allows the audience to conceptualize how they should prepare for their session and what the recording experience will feel like once they arrive. In addition, we chose to expand the usage of on-screen text in this video to allow the audience to read and hear the tips at the same time. These techniques were employed to ensure a more comprehensive instructional aid, suited to many different styles of learning.

We ultimately envision this video being housed on the webpage with the One Button Studio reservation form. For the time being, it will be distributed to users via a link in the confirmation email they receive after they fill out the service request form. We highly encourage patrons of the One Button Studio to watch this video and consider the included information before their recording session. With a little preparation, anyone can make a stellar video using the One Button Studio!

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