5 Tips for camera work this summer!

With the beautiful summer weather finally here, it is now the perfect time to take your camera skills practiced during the school year outside! Using equipment outside can lead to many challenges not present while shooting within classroom buildings. The techniques that you learned while shooting inside the College of Education may still be put to use while outside.

  1. Pay attention to sunlight and the effects it can have on images.

While shooting inside, we the focus was on manipulating artificial light. Taking video or photos outside can lead to new challenges due to sunlight. For instance, when it’s very sunny outdoors shadows will appear behind people and objects. In some cases, such as photography, shadows may be desired for a particular effect. While filming videos, they may be seen as distracting and undesired. The sun can also cause a lens flare on a photo, which can be a problem when it is undesired. In this situation try to shield your camera lens with a lens hood or your hand to avoid thView_of_Downtown_Columbus_Ohio_OH_from_North_Bank_Park_Pavillion_on_Scioto_Riveris effect.

2.Watch out for audio interference caused by weather.

If you have recorded audio inside the College Commons Whisper Room before, user movement was probably the main culprit audio issues. While recording video, it is important to watch for audio interference. For instance, the wind can interfere with microphones when recording audio outside. It is just as important to check for audio errors outside as it is while recording indoors in areas such as the Whisper Room. Bring a set of headphones or earbuds and make sure to listen either while recording, or with a media playback feature present in most cameras.

3. Make sure to keep equipment safe from environmental damage.

When using equipment indoors, the environment is less obtrusive. Outdoors this is not the case. Be sure to check weather forecast so that you are prepared for the weather. Purchasing a waterproof bag is beneficial for protecting camera technology from water damage. It is important to keep cameras away from dirt or sand in all instances because both can damage equipment very easily.

4. Bring along a friend to help you with unique outside issues.

It was probably easy to record or take photos when you are inside a controlled environment. It is often harder to film outside due to issues presented above. With that in mind, it can be beneficial to bring along another person while shooting. For instance, a friend can hold an umbrella over the camera while shooting in the rain. They can also assist in keeping equipment (Tripods, Lights, Microphones, Various Bags) secure and safe from weather and theft while you are focusing on taking good shots of the outdoors.

5. Experiment with the environment and weather!article-0-0D5586CC00000578-859_468x314

Challenges aside, taking photos and videos during the summer outside can be a gratifying experience. Use the environment around you to create fascinating content. Animals, cars, and plants can all be used to film dynamic projects. For example, try bringing your camera to a public park or a campsite. Other popular location for summer shooting would be weddings, family gatherings, and tropical vacations. Keep safety a priority and possibilities and endless!

Have fun and enjoy the beautiful weather!


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