What is Mediasite?

We at Edtech are excited to offer Mediasite to our staff. Mediasite is a desktop capture tool that can be used to record class sessions or lectures and upload recordings to university servers. This allows professors to create lecture content easily for both online and hybrid courses.  This tool is available to all Ohio State University staff.

Mediasite offers three different features Desktop Recorder, Hardware Recorder and Media Storage. Our most popular option, Desktop Recorder allows users to record a voice-over PowerPoint (or any other software running on their desktop), a webcam video with desktop capture, or a simple webcam video. This can all be done from any computer. Hardware recorder is a machine offered in select OSU rooms that can be used to record video of a professor speaking for a select amount of time automatically. The use of the Hardware recorder must be scheduled in advance. Mediasite also includes a server where users can store video that they have created previously.

Mediasite is a great tool because it allows faculty to develop short effective content. TheMediasite_bySF_4c_final-294o8cb (1)re are benefits for students as well. Students are easily able to review and replay content their professors produce. This can be particularly helpful for non-native English speaking students. Closed captions and lecture scripts can also be provided for students.

Here are links for those who are interested in this service.

For Information and Help on MediaSite please visit: https://resourcecenter.odee.osu.edu/search/site/mediasite

Link to OSU’s Mediasite Portal. https://mediasite.osu.edu/mediasite/MyMediasite#presentations/list/all/any/most-recent/0


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