This semester make sure to check out the EHE College Commons!!

Welcome, new students and faculty to the EHE College Commons. Located in Ramseyer 260, the College Commons is open and staffed 46 hours a week to meet all of your needs.


For new students and faculty:

If you’re looking for a comfy location to lounge while reading a book, the loft area is perfect – complete with big cushions, giant bean bags, and rolling desks. On the main level, there are plenty of tables available for individual or group study sessions. We also have a large number of desktops, both Macs and PCs, open for any student or faculty member to use.

The EHE College Commons is also a perfect place to hold an academic event. The tables and chairs can be arranged in a variety of ways to accommodate your specific needs, whether it be a group discussion, a poster session, or a speaker presentation. Microphones, laptops, projector screens and large rolling whiteboards are available for use during events. For more computer-based events or meetings, reserve our SmartBoards or Collaboration Table, which are ideal for giving interactive lectures and technology workshops.

LX8A0848The College Commons is maintained by the EHE Educational Technology department, so don’t fret if your teacher assigns a project that requires a quality video or audio recording. For a recording project off campus, we have hundreds of cameras, tripods, and audio recorders that are free for checkout to EHE students, faculty, and staff. For a more professional video or audio recording, you could reserve one of our state-of-the-art recording spaces in Ramseyer Hall. The One-Button Studio is a user-friendly studio with a green screen, microphones, a video camera, and a Mac to do the mixing and editing. The Whisper Room is a user-friendly sound booth that can be used for professional grade voice-overs and screen recordings.

For new and returning students and faculty:

LX8A0856The College Commons equipment loan process has gone through a few policy changes for the new year. Our Program Assistant Andy Vogel would like to note a few changes to the equipment loan process.

If students have paid their learning tech fee, all they have to do is present a Buck ID, and they can rent out equipment such as cameras, tripods, and audio recorders from The Commons. One significant change from last semester is that equipment is now due within ten business days of checkout. Students can renew for two more loan periods (unless there is a waitlist) a semester. Faculty gets a full term to borrow equipment. If equipment is returned late, students will have to pay the full price for that piece of equipment. Other details will be given to you when you go to check out equipment.

We can’t wait for you to try out some of our services!



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