Your EHE EdTech Team

The Educational Technology team is the College’s primary resource providing technology tools, instructional design, multimedia production and support for faculty, staff and students.

We focus our efforts on developing ways to improve student achievement by integrating technology into the learning process. We emphasize how students learn with technology, as opposed to merely learning about technology. Our goal is to optimize students’ learning opportunities by providing the resources, instructional support and facilities for faculty and students to use.

Instructional Design

Sarah Bear, Kelvin Trefz are the members of the Instructional Design team. Using our expertise in best practices and instructional design, we will provide you with an experience unique to your vision and needs. Here are some services the instructional design team offers:

Sarah Bear Interim Director Instructional Designer

Sarah Bear
Interim Director
Instructional Designer

Kelvin Trefz Educational Technologist

Kelvin Trefz
Educational Technologist









  • Personalized Course Design Experience
  • Effective use of Carmen Tools
  • Course Review based on QM and Curriculum Committee guidelines
  • Single and Multi-course (entire programs) design
  • Formative and Summative evaluations
  • Syllabus Revision assistance
  • Quality Matters (QM) consult/guidance
  • Student and Faculty Resources
  • Educational Technology integration
  • Lecture Capture

 Multimedia Production

Jennifer Cooke and Michael Garrett are the members of the Multimedia Production team. Using their skills and expertise in multimedia planning and production, we will work with you to create professional quality products for use in your courses. Here are some of the services the multimedia team offers:

Jennifer Cooke Education Technology Specialist

Jennifer Cooke
Education Technology Specialist

Michael Garrett Systems Specialist

Michael Garrett
Systems Specialist









  • Personalized Multimedia Production Experience
  • High-quality audio recording for podcasting or voice-over
  • Video Workshop
  • Professional video production
  • Green screen

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EHE Commons

The EHE College Commons is a unique and modern space created to encourage a collaborative, flexible teaching and learning environment. Able to comfortably host a full assembly of EHE faculty, staff and students, the space allows those affiliated with the college to meet, work and create – all in one location.

Kris Fox Program Coordinator

Kris Fox
Program Coordinator

 Program Assistant

Program Assistant








  •  Collaboration stations
  • WhisperRoom
  • SMART Board interactive spaces
  • Movable computers
  • Multimedia studio, One-Button Studio
  • Multimedia Computing Stations

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Equipment Loan

All members of the EHE EdTech team work together collaboratively to provide you with a personalized, unique experience. To schedule a time with the EHE EdTech Team, please email us at, or call us at 614-688-1248.


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