Welcome to EGSA!


Entomology Graduate Student Association at The Ohio State University


EGSA is a student-led, non-profit organization that focuses on entomology education, outreach, community support, professionalism, and having fun with insects!

EGSA is affiliated with the Ohio State University Department of Entomology. All donations and proceeds go towards furthering our mission.

Read more about EGSA’s mission below!

Education Materials for Learning

EGSA is committed to developing education materials for learning objectives involving entomology, ecology, conservation, exploration, biodiversity, creative thinking and expression.





Community Outreach

We focus on community engagement and giving back through doing what we love – learning about insects! Our community events are offered throughout central Ohio and provide an opportunity for the public to engage with research and education experts.


Professional and Academic Support

Our fundamental goal is to provide a space for our OSU Entomology graduate students to engage with one another and form a professional community that encourages academic and personal success.