SP22 Seminars are Thursdays at 1PM and will be online unless otherwise indicated.

January 27 :: CANCELED

Tom Miller

Rice University

Title: Plant population responses to environmental variation

Host: Maria Miriti

February 10

Matt McCary

Department of BioSciences

Rice University

Title: Understanding Soil Community Dynamics in the Face of Global Change

Host: Alison Bennett

February 17

Matthew Borths

Duke Lemur Center, Duke University

Title: Before Lions were King: The evolution of Africa’s oldest carnivores

Host: John Hunter

February 24

Jonathan Bauer

Department of Biology, Miami University

Title: Variation in mutualistic interactions among plant species and application to ecological restoration

Host: Frances Sivakoff

March 3

Darwin Talks 1 – EEOB Graduate Students

Drew Duckett

Title: Reduced Representation Approaches Produce Similar Results to Whole Genome Sequencing for Some Common Phylogeographic Analyses

Ilaria Laterza

Title: Semi-Natural Habitats Support Populations of Stink Bug Pests in Mediterranean Agroecosystems

Isabel Pen

Title: Worms? In My Whiprays? It’s More Likely Than You Think: The Fauna of Tetragonocephalum In Species of the Whipray Genus Pateobatis

Host: Dr. John Freudenstein

March 10

Darwin Talks 2 – EEOB Graduate Students

Matt Boot

Title: Guest-ant social parasites drive social host tolerance using venom signaling

Anessa DeMers

Title: Straight From the (Fossil) Horse’s Mouth: What Jaw Shape Can Tell Us About Diet

Emily Runnion

Title: Non-Target Effects of a Common Fungicide on Bumble Bee Microcolonies

Host: Dr. John Freudenstein

March 14-18

Spring Break

March 31

Dr. Nancy Simmons

American Museum of Natural History

Title: Large-Team Multidisciplinary Collaborative Research on Bats in Belize

Host: GEES Invited Speaker

April 7

Dr. Mauricio Cantor

Oregon State University

Title: The mechanisms and conservation of a rare human-wildlife cooperation

Host: Gerry Carter

April 14

Stephanie M. Smith

Field Museum of Natural History

Title: Adventures inside mammalian bone: Structure and function across biological scale

Host: Jonathan Calede

April 21

Bala Chaudhary

Department of Environmental Studies

Dartmouth College

Title: Trait-Based Mycorrrhizal Fungal Dispersal Across Spatial Scales

Host: Alison Bennett