SP21 Seminars are Thursdays at 1PM. Location: Online

January 14

Dr. Lawrence Ball

Ohio State University, Dept EEOB

Title:  Camels in a cloud forest: The social drivers and ecological impacts of pastoralism in the Dhofar Mountains of Oman

Host: Dr. Ian Hamilton

January 21

Dr. Claudia Solis-Lemus

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Plant Pathology

Title: Scalable inference of phylogenetic networks

Host: Dr. Laura Kubatko

January 28

Dr. Tanya Berger-Wolf

Ohio State University, Department of EEOB

Title: Data Science for Ecology and Conservation

Host: Dr. John Freudenstein

February 4

Dr. Tia-Lynn Ashman

University of Pittsburgh, Department of Biological Sciences

Title: Species interactions and genomic contributors to plant adaptation and biodiversity

Host: Dr. Francis Sivakoff

February 11

Darwin Talks 1 –  EEOB Graduate Students

Kevin Kong

Title: Comparative Performance of Popular Methods for Hybrid Detection using Genomic Data

Dylan Poorboy

Title: Variation in Ecomorphology between Co-occurring Pine Squirrels

Leah Weston

Title: Long-Term Impacts of Organic Soil Amendments on Urban Prairie Restoration

Host: Dr. John Freudenstein

February 18

Darwin Talks 2 – EEOB Graduate Students

Victoria Sadowski

Title: Species-specificity of vertically transmitted symbiotic bacterial communities in fungus-farming ants

Ben Stone

Title: Introgression, Phylogeography, and Trait Diversification in Penstemon

Elizabeth Reagan

Title: Plasticity of Physiological Traits in the Pacific Beetle Cockroach

Host: Dr. John Freudenstein

February 25

Dr. Meg Crofoot

Max Planck for Animal Behavior, Department for the Ecology of Animal Societies

Title: Evolution of complex social systems and social decision-making

Host: Dr. Tanya Berger-Wolf

March 4

Dr. Mohamed Noor

Duke University, Department of Biology

Title: “Leveraging science fiction to teach evolution to the public” 

Host: Dr. Julie Reynolds

March 11

Dr. Enric Frago

French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development (CIRAD)

Title: “An experimental test on the relative role of natural enemy diversity and intraguild predation on herbivore dynamic”

Host: Dr. Alison Bennett

March 25

Dr. Linda van Diepen

University of Wyoming, Department of Ecosystem Science and Managment

Title: Disturbance impacts on soil microbial dynamics

Host: Dr. Agustin Munoz-Garcia

April 1

Dr. Katie Langin

Writer, Science Magazine

Title: The human dimensions of science

Host: GEES Invited Speaker

April 8

Dr. Meg Whitney

Harvard University, Museum of Comparative Zoology

Title: Histological insights into vertebrate paleobiology

Host: Jonathan Calede

April 15

Dr. Matthew L. Holding

University of Nevada Reno,  Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Science

Title: Phylogenetically diverse diets favor more complex venoms in North American pitvipers

Host: H. Lisle Gibbs