SP19 Seminars are Thursdays 1PM-2PM (unless otherwise noted). Location: 260 Pomerene Hall

January 10

Dr. Charles Nilon

University of Missouri

Title: Urban Biodiversity, Everyday Nature and Environmental Justice.

Host: Dr. Chavez

January 17



Title: TBA

Host: EEOB

January 24

Dr. Daniel Schindler

University of Washington

Title: From brown water to brown bears: how geomorphic features control ecological processes in watersheds.

Host: Dr. Hood and Almeida

January 31

Graduate Student Darwin Series


Zachary Lahey: Phylogenomics of Platygastroidea (Hymenoptera: Proctotrupomorpha)

Coleen Thompson: The genetic diversity of vertebrates in North American protected areas.

Mael Glon: Devil in the Details: Systematic Revision of the Crayfish Genus Lacunicambarus.


Host: EEOB

February 7

Graduate Student Darwin Series


Megan Smith: Studying speciation in tail dropper slugs using machine learning.

Lyndsie Collis: Evaluating interactive effects of temperature and nutrients on stream ecosystem structure and function.

Ryan McCarthy: Integrated area of cover: A new spatial metric of plant interactions.

Host: EEOB

February 14

Dr. Emily Stanley

University of Wisconsin – Madison

Title: A long look at lakes.

Host: Dr. Hood and Almeida

February 21

Dr. Kevin Kohl

University of Pittsburgh

Title: Who’s in charge here?: Microbial contributions to animal physiology, ecology, and evolution.

Host: Dr. Sabree

February 28

Dr. Gabriel Corrêa Costa

Auburn University

Title: Biome stability in South America and its impacts on biodiversity.

Host: Dr. Carstens & Mol Lanna

March 7

Dr. Virginia Weis

Oregon State University

Title: How does a coral symbiosis cell biologist contribute to solutions for helping coral reefs survive the climate crisis?

Host: Dr. Daly

March 21

Dr. Marc Branham

University of Florida

Title: The evolution of bioluminescent signals in fireflies.

Host: Dr. Musetti

March 28

Dr. Mark Christie


Title: Rapid Evolution in a Changing World

Host: Dr. Gibbs

April 4

Dr. Nelson Hairston

Cornell University

Title: Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics meets Hydrodynamics: Linking internal waves and internal P-loading to rapid Daphnia evolution via cyanobacterial blooms

Host: Dr. Hood and Collis

April 11

Dr. Karin Limburg


Title: Impacts of Hypoxia in Warming Waters: Baltic Cod Otoliths as Lifetime
Recorders of Environmental Stress and Physiological Effects

Host: Dr. Ludsin


April 18

Dr. Pam Soltis

University of Florida

Title: Polyploidy as Integrator Across Levels of Biological Organization: From Cells to Ecosystems

Host: GEES