Seminars are Thursdays 4PM-5PM (unless otherwise noted).

Location: Hitchcock035

January 11

Dr. Ana Longo

University of Maryland

Multi-host fungal pathogens: Challenges and opportunities in conserving global amphibian biodiversity

Host: Bryan Carstens

January 16 at 1PM (Special Location: Aronoff Lab 104)

Dr. Kathleen Ferris

Center for Population Biology, UC Davis

Title: Of Mice and Mimulus: the Genetic and Phenotypic Basis of Adaptation to Harsh Environments

Host: Andreas Chavez

January 18 :: CANCELED

Charlie Nilon

School of Natural Resources, University of Missouri

Title: TBA

Host: Maria Miriti

January 25

Josh Stone

Aquatic Ecology Laboratory, The Ohio State University

Title: Impacts of Human-Induced Environmental Change on Aquatic Organisms: Jellyfish in the Chesapeake Bay

Host: Jim Hood

February 1

Emily Sessa

University of Florida

Title: Fern tales at two scales: Using phylogenetics to study historical biogeography in Africa and community assembly in Florida

Host: And Wolfe

February 8

Mike Vanni

Miami University

Title: Farms, fish, phosphorus and phytoplankton: Watersheds and fish regulate Midwest reservoir ecosystems

Host: Jim Hood

February 15

Graduate Student Darwin Series

Zoe Almeida
Title: Does food quality or quantity in early life affect fitness in later life?

Amara Huddleston
Title: The influence of winter severity on the coupling of Lake Erie larval walleye and their prey.

Raleigh Ricart
Title: Multi-decadal shifts in plant community composition across glacial landforms – Space trumps Time

Host: EEOB

February 22

Graduate Student Darwin Series

Alejandro Otero Bravo
Title: Convergent genome reduction in the stinkbug-bacteria symbiosis

Ariadna Morales
Title: Evidence that Myotis lucifugus ‘subspecies’ are five non-sister species, despite gene flow.

Greg Wheeler
Title: Unraveling the mystery of Sarracenia alata’s plant carnivory using meta-transcriptomics

Host: EEOB

March 1

Emily Rauschert

Cleveland State

Title: Scale in plant invasions

Host: Steve Hovick

March 8

Nichole Broderick 

University of Connecticut
Title: Extrinsic and Intrinsic Properties That Shape Drosophila-Microbiome Interactions

Host: Zakee Sabree

March 15

No Seminar — Spring Break

March 22

Jill Leonard-Pingel

The Ohio State University Newark

Department of Earth Sciences

Title: Looking Downcore: Insights into Historical Ecology from the Young Fossil Record

Host: John Hunter

Tuesday, March 27
EEOB/SENR Special Seminar

Dr. Marta Jarzyna
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Yale University

Title: Multiple dimensions of biodiversity change over the last century

4:00 – 5:00pm
Location Change: Jennings 155

March 29

Alex Wild

The University of Texas at Austin


Public talk: “Natural History and the Digital Photography Revolution” [11:00 am Ohio Union US Bank Conference Theater] CANCELED

Research talk: “The Taxonomic Impediment: Tales from Tropical Wasps” CANCELED

Host: Rachelle Adams/GEES


Frances Sivakoff
Faculty Candidate, Department of Entomology
The Ohio State University

Title: Pollinators, pests, and protected species: The distribution and dynamics of insects across managed systems

104 Aronoff Laboratory

April 5

Howard Ochman

The University of Texas at Austin
Title: The Extraordinary Evolution of the Great Ape Microbiome

Host: Zakee Sabree

April 12

Kevin McCluney

Bowling Green State University

Title: Water Quality and Aquatic-Terrestrial Linkages

Host: Jim Hood

April 19

Ben Dantzer

University of Michigan

Title:Eco-evo-endocrinology: An integrative approach to understanding mechanisms of behavioral and life history plasticity.

Host: Andreas Chavez