Seminars are Thursdays 4-5PM in Orton Hall 110 (unless otherwise noted).

January 31

Dr. Gerald Carter
Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute-Panama City, Panama
Title: Why do vampire bats share their food?

February 2

No seminar

February 9

EEOB Darwin Talks:

Alexander Fotis: “Effects of structural complexity on within-canopy light environments and leaf traits in a northern mixed deciduous forest

Stephen Murphy: “Distance-dependent seedling mortality and long-term spacing dynamics in a neotropical forest community”

Paul Blischak: “Modeling genetic variation in polyploids using high throughout sequencing data”

February 16

EEOB Darwin Talks:

Jessie Lanterman: “Can C and N stable isotopes reveal bee foraging habits?”

Rosa Rodriguez: “Population genetics and delimitation of Penstemon scariosus species complex: a tale of two markers

February 23

Peter Beerli
Florida State University
Title: All models are good, but only a few are useful
Host: Laura Kubatko

February 24

Special joint seminar sponsored by the Consumer Sciences, Economics, and EEOB
Jason Fletcher 
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Title: Gene-Environment Interactions in Social Mobility
1-2:30 pm in Campbell Hall

March 2

No seminar

March 9

John Hutchinson
Royal Veterinary College in London
Title: Six-toed elephants and knobbly-kneed birds! Case studies in the evolution of limb sesamoid bones
Host: GEES

March 16

Spring Break – No seminar

March 23

Rebecca Swab
The Wilds
Title: Ecosystem Engineering at The Wilds: Prairies on Reclamation Land
Host: Karen Goodell

March 30

Carl Rothfels
University of California, Berkeley
Title: Next generation polyploid phylogenetics
Host: Andi Wolfe

April 6

Reuven Dukas
McMaster University
Title: Evolutionary biology of social behavior: fruit flies as a model system
Host: Susan Gershman

April 13

Susan Gershman
The Ohio State University
Title: Conflicts of Interest: Sexual selection in the charismatic microfauna
Host: Libby Marschall

April 20

Zakee Sabree
The Ohio State University
Title: Genomic and Physiological Evidence of Beneficial Host-Microbial Symbioses
Host: Libby Marschall

April 27

No seminar