Thurs. 4 – 5 pm; Postle Hall Room 1180

Date Speaker Host
14-Jan-2016  Aaron M. Ellison – Harvard University, Harvard Forest  GEES
Title:  Sarracenia as a model system for studying ecological regime shifts
14-Jan-2016  Aaron M. Ellison – Harvard University, Harvard Forest PUBLIC LECTURE: 8 PM (Jennings 001)  GEES
Title:  Tipping points and regime shifts: fact, fiction, or fantasy?
 A rapid change (“tipping point”) in social, political, or environmental conditions can propel the current state of a system into a new state (a.k.a. a “regime shift”). Forecasting tipping points and forestalling or accelerating regime shifts have received substantial attention from scientists not only because they present interesting mathematical and statistical challenges but also – and more importantly – because they are of pressing interest to world leaders, social planners, policy- and decision-makers, along with environmental managers, conservation biologists, and many others. But definitions and identification of tipping points and regime shifts presuppose a number of implicit assumptions about “how the world works”. More nuanced descriptions and understanding of the ever-present changes in our socio-cultural-political-technological environment require us to make explicit our unspoken or hidden assumptions about how we think the world works.
21-Jan-2016  OPEN  
28-Jan-2016 Michael Moore – Oberlin College  Andi Wolfe
Title:  Staying Alive: Evolution, ecology, and climate change on a gypsum archipelago
4-Feb-2016  Matt Davies – Ohio State University Maria Miriti
Title: Contrasting responses to repeated wildfires and restoration among vegetation communities in the sage-brush steppe
11-Feb-2016   Graduate Student Darwin series  EEOB
Speakers:  David Salazar-Valenzuela, Jenn Hellman, Jessie Wallace
18-Feb-2016   Graduate Student Darwin series EEOB 
Speakers:  Elizabeth Hoskins, Ariadna Morales Garcia, Naava Honer
25-Feb-2016  OPEN  
3-Mar-2016 Alison Bell, University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign  Ian Hamilton
Title:  Causes and consequences of consistent individual differences in behavior in threespined sticklebacks
10-Mar-2016   Lauren Pintor – Ohio State University Elizabeth Marschall
Title:  Invasive Species as Novel Prey for Native Predators: When Do Predators Benefit?
17-Mar-2016   Spring Break  
24-Mar-2016  Frances Sivakoff – Ohio State University  Elizabeth Marschall
Title:  If you build it, will they come? The consequences of wetland restoration for a rare butterfly
31-Mar-2016  Ulrich Mueller – University of Texas at Austin Rachelle Adams 
Title: Host-mediated indirect selection to engineer beneficial microbiomes:  an agricultural tool copied from fungus-growing ants
7-Apr-2016  Elizabeth Derryberry – Tulane University Bryan Carstens 
Title: Singing in the city: urban dependent selection on acoustic communication
14-Apr-2016   Gillian Bowser – Colorado State University  Maria Miriti
Citizen Science, Sustainabilty and broadening participation in ecological sciences.
21-Apr-2016  Shane Campbell Staton – University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana  Bryan Carstens
Title:  Thermal adaptation in the green anole, Anolis carolinensis