Thursdays 1PM in 107 Hamilton (HM 107)

Date Speaker Host
15-Jan-2015 NO SEMINAR
Nathan Lord, Brigham Young Univ. (1 PM, 107 Hamilton) Moser Chair Search
Title:  A jewel of a system: evolution and systematics of the megadiverse beetle family Bruprestidae.
Jim Hood, Montana State Univ. (4 PM, 107 Hamilton)  Aquatic Ecology Search
Title: Influence of temperature and nutrient supply on aquatic systems: scaling from individuals to ecosystems.
Bonnie Blaimer, Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History (1 PM, 107 Hamilton) Moser Chair Search
Title: Using community-level and phylogenomic approaches to investigate ant evolution, diversity and systematics.
Duane McKenna, Univ. of Memphis (1 PM, 107 Hamilton) Moser Chair Search
Title:  Genes and Genomes Reveal New Insights into the Phylogeny and Evolution of Beetles
Rachelle Adams, Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History (1 PM, 107 Hamilton) Moser Chair Search
Title:  Paths to and from parasitism: The evolution of Megalomyrmexant behavior, weaponry and bacterial associates
Anita Narwani, Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (4 PM, 107 Hamilton) Aquatic Ecology Search
Title:  The causes and consequences of phytoplankton biodiversity.
5-Feb-2015 Krista Capps, Univ. of Maine (1 PM, 107 Hamilton) Aquatic Ecology Search
Title:  Consumer-driven nutrient dynamics in freshwater ecosystems
12-Feb-2015 Anthony Fiumera, Binghamton Univ. Susan Gershman
Title: Natural genetic variation affects susceptibility to environmental toxicants in Drosophila melanogaster
18-Feb-2015 Patrick Degnan, Univ. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Zakee Sabree + Microbiology
Special Joint EEOB and Microbiology Seminar Location: 001 Jennings @ 4:10PM
 Title:  Gut reactions: Evolution and Dynamics of Human Intestinal Microbes.
19-Feb-2015 Allison Hansen, Univ. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Zakee Sabree
Title: Who’s controlling whom? Regulation of insect-microbe interactions.
26-Feb-2015 Jason Podrabsky, Portland State Univ. Denlinger Lab
Title: The possible role of small RNAs in the regulation of diapause and anoxia tolerance in embryos of the annual killifish Austrofundulus limnaeus, a vertebrate extremophile.
3-Mar-2015 Andreas Chavez, Univ. of California-Berkeley OPEN
Title: Natural windows into adaptation and speciation: diversification in tree squirrels.
12-Mar-2015 Chris Martine, Bucknell Univ. Andi Wolfe
Title: Dummy pollen, buzzing bees, and the glossy age of botany.
19-Mar-2015 SPRING BREAK
26-Mar-2015 Mandë Holford, Hunter College/CUNY-Graduate Center Meg Daly and Lisle Gibbs
Title: Chemical and Biological Diversity: An evolutionary roadmap to discovery and characterization of bioactive peptides from marine organisms.
2-Apr-2015 Elizabeth Tibbetts, Univ. of Michigan Ian Hamilton
Title: Wasps know each other’s faces: communication and cognition in the Polistes.
9-Apr-2015 Ian Wang, Univ. of California-Berkeley Lisle Gibbs
Title: Examining the role of environmental heterogeneity in gene flow: examples from amphibians and reptiles.
16-Apr-2015 John Novembre, Univ. of Chicago Lisle Gibbs
Title: New lenses on human genetic variation: Tools for visualizing population structure.
23-Apr-2015 Norm Wickett, Chicago Botanic Garden Andi Wolfe
Title:  A transcriptomic approach to understanding the origin and diversification of early land plants and their descendants
30-Apr-2015 M. Denise Dearing, Univ. of Utah Zakee Sabree
Title: Eating and not dying: How mammalian herbivores cope with toxic diets.
7-May-2015 Graduate Student Talks EEOB