AU20 Seminars are Thursdays at 1PM, ONLINE

August 27

Dr. Louise Stevenson

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Title:  Extrapolating toxicant effects from omics to the individual to the population level using bioenergetic models

Host: Dr. Roman Lanno

September 3

Dr. Ashley Rose Mehlenbacher

Department of English Language & Literature, University of Waterloo

Title:  Expertise and Ethos in Communicating Science Online

Host: Dr. Katherine O’Brien

September 10

Dr. Brooks Kohli

Ohio State University, Department of EEOB

Title:  Trait-based mammalian community dynamics: from local changes to large-scale patterns

Host: Dr. Marta Jarzyna

September 17

Dr. Regan Dunn

George C. Page Museum, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

Title: Forest Canopy Change over the Last 66 Million Years

Host: Dr. Jonathan Calede

September 24

Dr. Jason Slot

Ohio State University, Department of Plant Pathology 

Title: Fungal interactions: nonvertical and combinatorial evolution of biochemical traits

Host: Lisle Gibbs and Alison Bennett

October 1

Dr. Bort Edwards

Smithsonian Institution

Title:  Causes, processes, and patterns of plant speciation

Host: Dr. Andi Wolfe

October 8

Dr. Elizabeth Ottesen

University of Georgia, Department of Microbiology

Title:  Structure and function of complex microbial communities in the wild

Host: Dr. Zakee Sabree

October 22

Dr. Tanya Berger-Wolf

Ohio State University, Dept. of EEOB

Title:  Computational population biology

Host: Dr. John Freudenstein

October 29

Dr. Andrea Gschwend

OSU Department of Horticulture and Crop Science

Title: Comparative genomics provides insight into the adaptive evolution of wild grapevine, Vitis labrusca

Host: Dr. Alison Bennett

November 5

Dr. Jeffrey Jensen

Arizona State University, School of Life Sciences

Title: Background selection revisited

Host: Dr. Lisle Gibbs

November 12

Dr. Alexandra Harmon-Threatt

University of Illinois, Department of Entomology

Title:  Pollination ecology: applications to conservation and restoration

Host: Dr. Karen Goodell

November 19

Dr. Nancy Chen

University of Rochester, Department of Biology

Title:  Population genomics using individual pedigrees

Host: Dr. Andreas Chavez

December 3

Dr. Katie Lotterhos

Northeastern University, Marine Science Center

Title:   Influence of climate on dispersal, recruitment, and local adaptation in marine environments

Host: Dr. Andreas Chavez