AU19 Seminars are Thursdays 1PM-2PM (unless otherwise noted).
Location: Cunz 140

August 22

Dr. Lisa Barrow

Ohio State University, Department of EEOB

Title: Integrating genomics and museum collections to investigate species’ responses to global change

Host: Dr. Bryan Carstens

August 29

Dr. Matthew Sullivan

Ohio State University, Department of Microbiology

Title: The Global Ocean Virome: a playground for exploring ecology and evolution of viruses in nature

Host: Dr. Jim Hood


September 5

Dr. Agustin Munoz-Garcia

Ohio State University at Mansfield, Department of EEOB

Title: An integrative approach to the physiology of resource allocation

Host: Dr. John Freudenstein


September 12

Dr. Laura Lagomarsino

Louisiana State University, Department of Biological Sciences

Title: Shifting pollinators and rising mountains: The Evolution of Neotropical bellflowers

Host: Dr. Andi Wolfe


September 19

Dr. Taras Oleksyk

Oakland University, Department of Biological Sciences

Title: Genomics, Conservation, and Island Biogeography

Host: Dr. Andreas Chavez


September 26

Dr. Danielle Fraser

Canadian Museum of Nature

Title:  The role of biotic interactions in the evolution of Cenozoic (66 Ma – present) mammal communities

Host: Dr. Marta Jarzyna


October 3

Dr. Matthew Hahn

Indiana University, Department of Biology

Title: Phylogenomics and the Procrustean bed of the species tree

Host: Dr. Bryan Carstens & Megan Smith


October 17

Dr. Fernanda Werneck

Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazonia

Title: Diversification and future of the Neotropical herpetofauna at multiple scales

Host: Dr. Bryan Carstens & Masiero Da Fonseca


October 24

Dr. Caroline Tucker

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Department of Biology

Title: Confronting complexity in trait-based analyses using freshwater microcosms

Host: Dr. Marta Jarzyna


October 31

Dr. Tara Smiley

Indiana University, Environmental Resilience Institute

Title: Diversity responses to landscape change in the basin and range province: tectonics influence macroevolutionary dynamics and faunal structure in mammals over the Neogene

Host: Dr. Jonathan Calede


November 7

Dr. Elizabeth Hobson

University of Cincinnati, Department of Biological Sciences

Title: The evolution of decision-making, social cognition, and complex sociality

Host: Dr. Gerald Carter


November 14

Gideon Bradburd

Michigan State University, Department of Integrative Biology

Title: Putting population genetics in space

Host: Dr. Andreas Chavez


November 21

Dr. Jonathan Armstrong

Oregon State University, Department of Fisheries and Wildlife

Title: How fish and wildlife exploit shifting habitat mosaics

Host: Dr. Jim Hood


December 5

Dr. Teri Orr

University of Utah

Title: A Matter of Timing: Reproductive Delays and Sexual Selection in Mammals

Host: Dr. Gerald Carter