AU18 Seminars are Thursdays 1PM-2PM (unless otherwise noted). Location: 110 Orton Hall

August 23

Dr. Jamie Oaks

Auburn University

Title: Generalizing phylogenetics to infer patterns of
shared evolutionary events

Host: Bryan Carsten & Megan Smith

August 30

Dr. Stuart Ludsin

The Ohio State University

Title: The future of harmful algal blooms and their risks to fisheries: Insights from Lake Erie.

Host: John Freudenstein

September 6

Dr. Ian Hamilton

The Ohio State University

Title: Conflict management in complex adaptive systems

Host: John Freudenstein

September 13

Dr. Igor B. Jouline

The Ohio State University, Department of Microbiology

Title: Establishing the precise evolutionary history of a gene improves prediction of disease causing missense mutations

Host: John Freudenstein

September 20

Dr. Julie Reynolds

The Ohio State University

Title: For everything there is a season: molecular regulation of Arthropod diapause

Host: John Freudenstein

September 27

Dr. Mike Reagon

The Ohio State University – Lima

Title: Not your Grandma’s weed(s): recurrent evolution of “weedyness” in Oryza and Amaranthus.

Host: John Freudenstein

October 4

Dr. Lauren Kinsman-Costello

Kent State University

Title: Mud Matters: The Nutrient Biogeochemistry of Great Lakes Coastal Wetland Sediments.

Host: Jim Hood

October 18

Dr. Ivan Hiltpold

Department of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology, U. of Delaware

Title: Plant volatile organic compounds: a smelly tool towards sustainable insect pest management

Host: Alison Bennett

October 25

Dr. Gretchen Hansen

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, St. Paul, MN

Title: Understanding and managing for multiple drivers of change in freshwater fisheries systems

Host: Almeida and Hood

November 1

Dr. Deborah Paul


Title: Digital Scientific Collections Offer New Opportunities in Science, Outreach, and Industry

Host: Luciana Musetti and Norm Johnson

November 8

Dr. Simon Ripperger

Museum für Naturkunde

Title: Wireless tracking sensor networks give novel insights into the (social) life of bats

Host: Carter

November 15

Dr. Jeremy Yoder

California State University Northridge

Title: Population genomics of complex selection, from legumes to lodgepoles

Host: Adams and Boot

November 29

Dr. Isaac Ligocki

The Ohio State University

Title: Life in the Shoal: an integrative look at the relationships between environment, physiology, and behavior

Host: Hamilton