Thursdays 1 – 2 pm; Caldwell Laboratory 120

Date Speaker Host
25-Aug-2016  Karen Goodell, Ohio State University  EEOB
Title: Restoring pollinator habitat on reclaimed mines – ecological insights
1-Sep-2016 Rulon Clark, San Diego State University  Lisle Gibbs
Title: The dynamics of predator-prey interactions between rattlesnakes and small mammals
8-Sep-2016 Michael Blum, Tulane University   Libby Marschall
Title: Catalyzing the recovery of imperiled stream fishes by triggering trophic cascades
15-Sep-2016 Jessica Fox – Case Western Reserve University  Susan Gershman
Title: Sensory information processing for fly flight control
22-Sep-2016  Sara Tomiolo – Kent State University  Maria Miriti
 Title: Climate and biotic interactions affect plant response to climate change. Evidence from Middle Eastern plant communities
29-Sep-2016 Brady Hardiman, Purdue University  Peter Curtis
Title: Disturbing Ecosystems: Characterizing structure and function of forests spanning a gradient of anthropogenic influence
6-Oct-2016 Katherine Marske – University of Michigan  Brian Carstens
 Title: Phylogeography: spanning the ecology-evolution continuum
13-Oct-2016 no seminar :: Autumn Break
20-Oct-2016 Michal Polak Susan Gershman
Title: Male attractiveness and post-copulatory sexual selection
 27-Oct-2016  Ken Frank  Stuart Ludsin
 Title: Ecosystem consequences of synchronous dynamics in a wide ranging North Atlantic keystone species – cod (Gadus morhua)
3-Nov-2016 Kent Holsinger – University of Connecticut    Andi Wolfe
Title:  But was it adaptive? Drift and adaptation in the diversification of Protea in the Cape Floristic Region
10-Nov-2016  Walter Carson – University of Pittsburgh  Steve Hovick
 Title: On the causes and consequences of region-wide changes in the browsing and disturbance regimes within the Eastern Deciduous Forest Biome.
17-Nov-2016  Adrian Smith, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences  Rachelle Adams
Title: Chemical communication and the organization of ant societies
24-Nov-2016   Thanksgiving Break – No Seminar  
 1-Dec-2016  Daniel Sloan – Colorado State University  Lisle Gibbs
 Title: Genomic Coevolution Under Extreme Mitochondrial Mutation Rates