Thursdays 1-2PM, Campbell 200

Date Speaker Host
27-Aug-2015 OPEN  
3-Sep-2015  OPEN  
10-Sep-2015 Corey Welch, Iowa State University Meg Daly
Title: Approaches to diversifying who succeeds in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Programs
17-Sep-2015 OPEN
24-Sep-2015  Andi Wolfe, The Ohio State University  EEOB
Title: Species Diversification: A tale of two genera
1-Oct-2015 Nancy A. Moran, Univ. of Texas-Austin  Zakee Sabree
Title: Biology and genomics of gut bacteria in social bees
8-Oct-2015 Marymegan Daly, The Ohio State University  EEOB
15-Oct-2015 Autumn Break  
22-Oct-2015 Melissa DeBiasse, Louisiana State University  Meg Daly
Title:  Patterns of genomic and phenotypic variation over evolutionary and ecological timescales in marine invertebrates
29-Oct-2015 Bill Peterman, OSU School of Environment and Natural Resources Lisle Gibbs 
Title: Patterns in time and space: Population connectivity and persistence of salamander and frogs
5-Nov-2015 Molly Morris, Ohio University  Susan Gershman
Title: Evolution of Alternative Reproductive Tactics in the swordtail fish Xiphophorus multilineatus 
12-Nov-2015 Audrey Sawyer, OSU School of Earth Sciences  Jim Bauer
Title: Taking the pulse of tidal fresh rivers
19-Nov-2015 Scott Nuismer, University of Idaho  Lisle Gibbs
Title: Local Adaptation and Coevolution
26-Nov-2015 Thanksgiving Break  
3-Dec-2015 Tom Givnish, University of Wisconsin  Andi Wolfe
Title: Monocot evolution and determinants of diversification