Jennings 001

Date Speaker Host
28-Aug-14 Tim Berra, OSU Mansfield EEOB
Title: Darwin & His Children: His Other Legacy
4-Sept-2014 Mike Lynch, Univ. of Indiana  Zakee Sabree and Juan Alfonzo (OSU Microbiology)
Title: Mutation, drift, and the origin of subcellular features.
Special Joint EEOB-Microbiology Seminar
11-Sept-2014 P. David Polly, Indiana Univ. John Hunter
Discovery Theme Seminar: Food to Improve Health
Title: Vertebrates, Climate Change, and Ecometrics
18-Sep-2014 Susan Kalisz, Univ. of Pittsburgh Steve Hovick
Title: The role of biotic interactions in species invasion
25-Sept-2014 CANCELLED-No Seminar
2-Oct-2014 CANCELLED-No Seminar
9-Oct-2014 Brice Noonan, Univ. of Mississippi  Bryan Carstens
Title: An exploration of diversification in the tropics
16-Oct-2014 Graduate Student Talks-Short OPEN
23-Oct-2014 Susan Perkins, Amer. Museum of Nat. History Meg Daly
Discovery Theme Seminar: Health and Wellness
Title: Malaria’s Many Mates: The Diversity and Relationships of Haemosporidian Parasites
30-Oct-2014 Amy Downing, Ohio Wesleyan Univ. Graduate Evolution & Ecology Student Organization
06-Nov-2014 Mike Richie, Univ. of St. Andrews Susan Gershman
13-Nov-2014 Adrian Rocha, Univ. of Notre Dame Peter Curtis
Discovery Theme Seminar: Energy and Environment
Title: Fire as a Biogeochemical Catalyst in Arctic Tundra
20-Nov-2014 David Tank, Univ. of Idaho Andi Wolfe
27-Nov-2014 Thanksgiving Holiday
15-Dec-2014 Derek Taylor, Univ. of Buffalo
 EEOB Special Series
Title: RNA Virus-Host Interactions in the Light of Paleovirology