SP24 Seminars will be held in Lazenby 0021 from 1-2PM

January 18

Eli Strauss

Postdoctoral Researcher
University of Konstanz & Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior

Title: Navigating the dynamic structure of hyena social hierarchies

Host: Gerry Carter

January 25

Tracy Heath

Iowa State University

Title: Macroevolutionary models for understanding diversification over deep time scales

Host: Laura Kubatko

February 1

Darwin Talks

Alonso Delgado
Is sea anemone venom fundamentally different

Emily Runnion
Disease dynamics of Crithidia bombi infections in bumble bees as influenced by exposure to fungicides

Alexis Wafer
Into the weeds: Investigating giant ragweed emergence dynamics

Host: GEES/Alison Bennett

February 8

James Porter

Odum School of Ecology, University of Georgia

Title: Blurring the Lines between Medicine and Ecology while Saving Coral Reefs in the Florida Keys

Host: Andrea Grottoli/Bryan Carstens

February 15





February 22

Jocelyn Colella

Assistant Professor
Kansas University

Title: TBD

Host: Andreas Chavez

February 29

Darwin Talks

EEOB Graduate Students

Title: TBD

Host: GEES/Alison Bennett

March 7

Darwin Talks

EEOB Graduate Students

Title: TBD

Host: GEES/Alison Bennett

March 14

Spring break

March 21

Dr. Corey Callaghan

Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, University of Florida

Title: Leveraging people power for biodiversity research

Host: Marta Jarzyna

March 28

Dr. Aaron Schafer 

Department of Forensic Science
Trent University, Peterbourgh, Ontario

Title: Population and quantitative genomics of deer

Host: Lisle Gibbs

April 11

Lucas Weaver

Department of Earth Sciences, Kent State University/University of Michigan

Title: TBD

Host: John Hunter

April 18

Kristin Stanford


Ohio State University


Host: GEES