Seminars are Thursdays, 1-2PM in Jennings 0040

August 24

Lee Dugatkin
University of Louisville
Title: How to Tame a Fox {and Build a Dog}

Host: Tim Berra

August 31

Bryan Carstens
The Ohio State University
Title: TBA

Host: John Freudenstein

September 7

Prashant Sharma
The University of Wisconsin
Title: TBA

Host: Meg Daly

September 14

Tim Berra
The Ohio State University
Title: Biology of the Komodo Dragon, the World’s Largest Lizard

Host: John Freudenstein

September 21


September 28

Keng-Lou James Hung
The Ohio State University
Title: Effects of habitat fragmentation and introduced species on the structure and function of plant-pollinator interactions

Host: Karen Goodell

October 5

Nick Casewell
Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Title: Evolution of Venom

Host: Lisle Gibbs

October 12

No Seminar — Autumn Break

October 19

Sarah Cohen
San Francisco State University
Title: TBA

Host: Meg Daly

October 26

Paul Scholte
Centre of Environmental Science, Amsterdam
Title: TBA

Host: Ian Hamilton

November 2

Karen Odom
Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology
Title: Losing not choosing? Reconstructing the evolution of female and male bird song using sound collections

Host: Angelika Nelson

November 9

Ximena Bernal
Purdue University

Host: Rachelle Adams

November 16

Chris Gough
Virginia Commonwealth University
Title: TBA

Host: Peter Curtis

November 23

No Seminar — Thanksgiving

November 30