Dunn Dash Triathlon

On Saturday March 2, 2019, I volunteered four hours at the Dunn Dash Triathlon. The Dunn Dash Triathlon is a small indoor triathlon in which individuals can test their physical ability and honors the founder of the Sports and Wellness Scholars program, J. Michael Dunn. Proceeds from the Triathlon benefit the J. Michael Dunn Fund for Student Professional Development. During the triathlon, I was stationed at the pool where I would keep track of how many laps the individual in my lane had swam during the allotted time period. I also turned in all the time cards from each heat so final scores could be tallied. I have learned that understanding the roots of an organization that I represent is important. I have also learned that I really enjoy volunteering and bringing awareness to causes that have large impacts on Ohio State and the individuals involved. Volunteering at the Dunn Dash Triathlon has impacted me as leader by teaching me about J. Michael Dunn and how he was leader, pushing me to make the impact that he did. Because of service learning, I am aware that there are multpile ways to be leader without being demanding or telling others what to do or how to think. There are several different types of leaders and determining which one an individual is allows them to lead to their max potential. I also learned that there’s several ways to make an impact on an individual even if it’s the smallest of acts.

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