OSU’s Community Committment

On Saturday, August 29th, I volunteered three hours at Indianola Informal K-8 School helping mulch and pick weeds in their environmentally friendly garden. This service project was just one of many involved in Ohio State University’s Community Committment. This is Ohio State’s biggest community service project that attracts around one thousand students every year to be dispersed to different sites throughout Columbus to offer their services. Indianola teaches grades kindergarten through eight, educating them on the positives of growing your own foods, recycling, and having compost. During my visit, I helped pick weeds that were crowding the garden, laid much, and even harvested some vegetables that were ready for picking. This gave the graden a more open and clean look, while allowing it to flourish and thrive seeing that all the weeds were gone. This project really hit home for me. In middle school, I wanted to create a compost garden to recycle all the left over food but was very uneducated on all the different aspects that went into starting and maintaining such a project. Through volunteering at this site, I learned how to start, maintain, and all the political aspects that surround creating such a garden. I also learned that their are many more ways to benefit the Earth than just recycling. Volunteering has showed me that to be a leader, you don’t have to have direct contact with those you are helping or impacting, but that your intentions will remain clear regardless of whether they were spoken or wrote down. Because of service learning I am more educated on the impact just one person can have on the Earth and how to create positive impacts in my every day life.

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