Feed the Funnel!

On October 4th, I volunteered three hours packaging meals for families in need throughout Columbus through an organization called Kind Columbus. Kind Columbus is an organization in Columbus, Ohio that wishes to build community through unconditional acts of kindness. One of their many projects is Feed the Funnel, a project in which volunteers come together to package 100,000 meals in two hours. Each station has its own task whether it is measuring the amount of contents that go into the package, weighing the overall weight and adding rice to meet the specified weight, sealing the packages close, or packing them away into boxes to be shipped off. My task for the duration of the project was sealing the packages close and double checking that every inch of the bag was closed. This project impacted the many lives of those in need around Columbus, and my participation allowed even more packages to be sealed and shipped off to those in need. I learned that no matter the time or day, everyone has been in a spot in which they needed help in some way and for some of us, food is one of the most inaccessible commodities. After participating in this project, I learned that I just love to serve. I love to help and leave an impact on as many people as I can. This has impacted me as a leader because a leader should be selfless and put others before their own needs. I learned this because this project was from ten o’clock at night until one o’clock in the morning and instead of staying up until one o’clock watching television, I put the needs of others before mine and helped be one of the many individuals that packaged over 100,000 meals. Because of service learning I am educated on the rate at which food is inaccessible and ways that I can help feed those who are in need.

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