DSWS Day of Service

On November 17th, I participated in my Scholars program’s Day of Service. There were three groups that got dispersed throughout Columbus. I volunteered four hours at the Columbus Furniture Bank. The Columbus Furniture Bank is a nonprofit organization that accepts donated furniture. They then take this furniture apart and use the pieces to make smaller furniture that will be given to families in need who can’t afford new furniture or don’t have the room for the large pieces that were donated. The bank will also send some of the nicer pieces of large furniture to their auction house where families who have the room, can purchase the furniture for a reduced price. During my time volunteering, I took apart college dorm room desks that were donated by Miami Univerisy to turn into smaller bed side stands. This service impacted nearly 3,500 families, providing warm, comfort-filled homes. I have learned that there are many ways to help those in need, especially by donating unused furniture. Before volunteering at the furniture bank, I never realized the impact that an old wardrobe or desk could have on a family. I feel that volunteering at the furniture bank has allowed me to develop my communication skills as a leader seeing that I had to communicate with others on how to take the desks apart properly and which drill to use. This also aloud me to gain a sense of common purpose because there were only so many drills to share but we all had the same end goal which reminded me to be patient. Because of service learning, I am more aware of the big impact such small acts can have on a person or community. I am more aware of who I am as a person and what type of leader I am when introduced into a group situation where everyone has the same task.

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