True Colors Reflection

My results for the True Colors survey was that I was more orange in camparison to gold, green, and blue. This means that I am very outgoing, spontaneous, open-minded, adventurous, and competitive. Although these do describe who I am as a person, I also feel that I fall under the other three colors as well. For gold I am very organized, dependable, cooperative, and caring. Green I am very logistical and love learning new things. I love to find one thing I’m very interested in and just research its entire backgrond. Some qualities of green that I feel I am is inventive, curious, determined, and seeking. I would say the qualities of blue that I exhibit would be that I am compassionate, unique, empathetic, poetic, and inspirational at times. I feel that you physically cannot be just one color and because of this, the true colors reflection really makes you self aware of what you display and some aspects you could introduce more of into your life. These could be every day qualities like communication, being knowledgeable, being open-minded, while also being cooperative with those you encounter. Applying all fours colors into your everyday life allows you to touch on multiple levels with a such a diverse population. Some examples of ways that you could apply this information in the Dunns Scholars Programs and other teams are by being organized when it comes to group projects or games that involve more than two people. Also communicating when working together to achieve a common goal. Being dependable of yourself and responsible for you part is another way to apply true colors into programs and other team organizations. Being open-minded towards your partners and welcoming every new idea or value is also a huge aspect of using the colors. These are just some of the few examples of how you can apply the colors into school programs and team oraganized functions.