Leadership Reflection

A time that I saw leadership in sports was during my senior year of softball. We were behind and only had about two innings left to tie the game or get ahead to win. One of the seven seniors on the team brought us into a huddle and pumped us up. She reminded us that for some of us this was our last year and for those who weren’t graduating that at some point they would be in the same boat looking to not just to their seniors but to the underclassmen as well. She told us that we have the talent and capibilty to come back and that now all we needed to do was show that we had more heart and wanted to win more than the other team. This really pumped the team up and to me it showed leadership. This showed leadership because she picked everyone up when they were down and by not being negative herself. She motivated us to be the best possible player that we could and led by example. When other seniors spoke up in the huddle, she listened to them and boosted what they said. She was very positive and kept a positive outlook the entire game by talking with us and too us instead of at us. This showed tremendous leadership by listening, allowing others to talk, being positive, and motivating others. Ultimately this lead the team to come back and win the game. Coming together wouldn’t have been possible without such strong leadership.

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