Your Faculty Mentors

TLC has many faculty mentors that help to aid in your transition to the Newark Campus of the Ohio State University.

Some of them are featured here:


Binaya Subedi, Ph.D. Associate Professor Department of Education, Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs, TLC Faculty Mentor


Dr. Subedi teaches classes on diversity and equity, global consciousness, race, and critical teaching/learning practices. His research examines the identities and experiences of refugee/immigrant youth and families in mid-western U.S. cities. He has developed partnership with community organizations and works to develop cultural responsive programs to assist immigrant and refugee communities. Professor Subedi is co-editor of the journal Educational Studies. Professor Subedi has conducted research globally (Nepal) and in urban areas of Midwest. Professor Subedi is also a soccer coach and currently coaches girls’ travel soccer.


Adrian Rodgers, Ph.D. Associate Professor Department of Education, TLC Faculty Mentor

Dr. Adrian Rodgers is an Associate Professor in Teaching and Learning at OSU-Newark. He earned his BA in English and History; BEd in Secondary Education; and M.A. in British Social History from Memorial University of Newfoundland; M.A. in Drama Education; and Ph.D. in Teacher Education from The Ohio State University. Dr. Rodgers areas of interest are professional development and pre-service teacher education, literacy, drama education, international education and qualitative research. For several years he has directed the US-Indonesian Education Consortium – see