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Christie Idleman, Course Instructor, Field Supervisor, and TLC Faculty Lead


Christie Idleman is an Instructor and Course Supervisor in the Education department at The Ohio State University at Newark. She also serves as the Faculty Lead for the Education Teaching and Learning Community, or as it’s more commonly known, “The TLC”.  Christie earned her B.S. Degree in Education at B.G.S.U. with a double major in Elementary Education and Education of the Handicapped K-12. While teaching in the public schools she decided to pursue her M.Ed. Degree in Teaching and Learning at OSU-N. Christie comes to OSU-N with 37 years of teaching experience in regular and special needs classrooms at a wide variety of grade levels and school districts.  She enjoys teaching her college students in an interactive, stimulating and collaborative learning environment as well as working with the TLCers to assist them in making a smooth transition to a successful and rewarding college career.

 You can ask questions regarding the TLC and reach our recruitment coordinator at:

Phone: 740-755-7881