Academic Funding

You will receive $100 per semester of academic funding.

Previously, students have accessed these funds for their textbooks.

To use this credit for a textbook you must buy your books in person at the Barnes & Noble bookstore on the Ohio State Newark campus.

Your $100 of academic funding will be set-up in an account for you in the bookstore and available to use beginning in August. Don’t worry about that being so late, most books won’t be in the bookstore before then.

You cannot be reimbursed if you buy them elsewhere or online from the bookstore.

The procedure is this:

1) Go to the Newark bookstore with a printout of your schedule that shows courses and instructors. This is very important! There will multiple professors for each course and you need to buy the correct book.

2) Take your books, schedule, and BUCKID to the counter. You can get your BuckID at the Public Security and Safety Office. This office is in Warner down the hall from the bookstore.

3) Before they ring you up tell them you are part of the Teaching & Learning Community with OSU. They will ask for your BUCKID. You must have this (not a drivers license) to use the credit because it has your student ID number on it. They will match your ID number to the list we give them.

4) They will add up your total and subtract $100.  If your books are less than $100 you will not receive change. If your books are more than $100, you will be responsible to pay the remaining balance out-of-pocket.

If it’s more convenient, you can order your textbooks online and have them shipped directly to you rather than purchasing them in-person from the bookstore. During the online checkout process, select “OSU Retention” to finalize your order.

Some suggestions–

RENT your textbooks at the bookstore, it saves you a lot of money.

Look on the campus bookstore website before you go and make a PLAN. You can place your books in the shopping cart and play around with rent, new or used books to see your total. If it is over $100 you might want to check out amazon or even online text book rental sites, so that you pay as little as possible out-of-pocket.