Call for Volunteers! Speakers for the ProSem Course on Nov. 30th

Dear Graduate Student in Educational Studies,


I am writing to invite you to   to participate in the proseminar class, “Graduate Student Confidential” Many of you may remember this class from your own proseminar experience and how helpful it was. I am writing to ask those of you who are a few years into your program to share what you have learned with your first-year colleagues.


The class is on Nov. 30 from 7:10-9:48 in Ramseyer 059


As the faculty instructor, I will not be present so that you all can talk with ease. JP Oehrtman, the course Graduate Teaching Assistant will be organizing and leading this class. Please reply directly to him at We would like to get a diverse group of students there from various programs and at various stages of doctoral studies pre and post-candidacy.


Please email JP and let him know if you’re interested and include:


Your full name

Your program area (e.g. HESA, EPP, ESPHE etc)

Year in the program and whether your are pre or post candidacy.



Thank you so much for considering and helping out your colleagues. Your  participation is a critical component of this class.




Antoinette Errante

AE 7767: Critical Analysis of Multicultural Art Education–New AUTUMN 2016 Course

This course will guide students through an exploration of theories as they relate to critical multiculturalism. Some theories include, but are not limited to critical theory, critical race theory, and postcolonial theory. Together, we will discuss literature, contemporary art (performance and visual), visual culture and film that investigate issues around topics such as race, class, gender, sexual orientation and others. We will identify and conceptualize the intersections of these categories and their impact on economy, politics and justice. Students will explore the implications of the aforementioned theories and sociocultural intersections as they relate to the world of Art, including Arts education, Arts management and Arts policy.  This course goes beyond art education and can be appreciated by students in varying fields.

Critical Mult. flyer