Student Recognition 2020-2021: Educational Administration

A big hats off to all of our Ed Studies graduates. It’s been an interesting year, to say the least, and you’ve prevailed with flying colors. Congratulations! I’d also like to give a warm shoutout to our Ed Admin graduates, especially my doctoral advisees. Drs. Yang, Brown, Long, Peeples, Morrow, and Gallatin, your hard work has paid off. You’ve exceeded expectations and I’m so proud of you! With respect and adoration, Dr. Miller

Congratulations to our Educational Administration graduates!


Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Studies, Educational Administration


Doctor of Education in Educational Studies, Educational Administration



Master of Arts in Educational Studies, Educational Administration


Summer 2020 Graduates

Julia Barnhouse
Alexa Bean
Kamala Bean
Isabel Bozada
Marcia Davis
Melissa Duncan
Valerie Edison
Megan Eisaman
Tina Hiller
Ivory Hister
Margaret Landers
Amanda Murphy
Kimberly Shenk
John Short
Kassandra St. John
Jodi Sutton
Jared Tedrick
Jennifer Thaxton


Autumn 2020 Graduates

Dana Humm
Whitney Jeckavitch
Jesse McKown
Yekyung Yoon


Spring 2021 Graduates

Ashley Beasley
Tiffany Bingham
Megan Bowman
Danielle Combs
Angela Cover
Leah Ecaruan
Erin Rabb