Student Recognition 2020-2021: Counselor Education

I want to give a heartfelt Congratulations to the 2021 Counselor Education Graduates! It has been an honor to serve as a supervisor, mentor, and co-instructor for such an insightful group of students. As a whole, your cohort can be easily described as passionate, deliberate, and resilient, not just in your work as therapists, but in your capacity to create necessary change in all spaces. And the fact that you accomplished all that you did in the midst of a pandemic is truly remarkable. I’m certain that you all will continue that momentum and dedication to serving clients, students, and communities… after some well-deserved rest and relaxation! This graduating class will always hold a special place in my heart as the first cohort that I worked with from orientation to graduation. It was quite a journey, and I’m thankful that I got to be witness to it all. Enjoy your time with friends and family celebrating you and your tremendous accomplishments! Cheers! – Dr. Emily Baker


Congratulations Counselor Education Class of 2021!! I am so proud of all your hard work and dedication to this program and your future career. You managed to graduate successfully, despite living and working through a global pandemic. Even more impressive is that you were able to take care of your students and clients during such a difficult time. I can’t wait to see where your future endeavors will lead you. Good luck and I’m wishing you all the best! – Sarah Shrewsbury, 2nd year Doctoral Student


Congratulations! While I am always proud of graduating classes for what they have accomplished during their graduate program, I have an even greater sense of pride for your cohort that has been through so much. Thank you for your patience and grace with me over the past year as I grew as a counselor educator in your internship course. You have all impacted my educational journey and I wish only the best for your futures-

Kindly, Emily H.


Congratulations to our Counselor Education graduates!


Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Studies, Counselor Education



Master of Arts in Educational Studies, Counselor Education

Sarah Armstrong
Shannon Cogan
Danielle Culpepper
Rachel General
Ashlee Harris
Cameron Hughes
Lauren Mahoney
Grace McCune
Rebecca Meeks
Jaclyn Musci
Alicia Nighland
Courtney Queen
Marissa Robertson
Megan Ruiz
Julia Sakowski
Steven Schroeck
Renee Shaffer
Madison Shawver
Gabriella Silone
Katherine Thompson


Counselor Education student achievements

Awards and Honors

Emily Baker was named President of Ohio Counselors for Social Justice








Emily Baker presented:

  • “School Counselor or Guidance Counselor: How the Name of the Profession Influences Perceptions of Competence” at the Evidence-Based School Counseling Conference, March 15, 2021
  • “Social Justice While Social Distancing” at the All Ohio Counseling Conference, October 2020
  • “Social Justice Supervision: Model and Practice” at the All Ohio Counseling Conference, October 2020
  • “Opioid Education: How Social Emotional Learning in K12 Can Support Prevention Efforts” at the All Ohio Counseling Conference, October 2020
  • “Preventing and Managing Counselor Burnout During a Pandemic” at the OCA Spring Conference, April 2021
  • “Considerations for Post-Pandemic Reintegrations of Children and Adolescents” at the OCA Spring Conference, April 2021

Jihyeon Choi presented:

  • Choi, J., Jeong, J., Min, Y., & Kim, I. (2021, May 1). What prevents Korean international students from utilizing college counseling centers? [Research presentation session]. Korean Counseling Association – International Chapter 2021 Conference, (virtual conference), United States.
  • Choi, J. (2021, April 9). The effects of facial expression mimicry treatment on emotional empathy and attitude toward bullying among elementary school students [Poster session]. 2021 Edward F. Hayes Graduate Research Forum, OH (virtual conference), United States.
  • Breedlove, M., Choi, J., & Zyromski, B. (2020, October 26-30). Mitigating Adverse Childhood Experiences with restorative practices: The integral role of school counselors [Conference session]. 2020 All Ohio Counselor’s Conference, OH (virtual conference), United States.
  • Zyromski, B., & Choi, J. (2020, October 26-30). School counselors’ approach to buffering Adverse Childhood Experiences: Interventions at the tier 1, 2, & 3 levels [Conference session]. 2020 All Ohio Counselor’s Conference, OH (virtual conference), United States.


Emily Baker, with counselor education faculty Dr. Brett Zyromski and Dr. Darcy Haag Granello, co-authored the paper “School or Guidance Counselor: How the title influences public perception” in Professional School Counseling.

Emily Baker, with alumni Dr. Shelby Messerschmitt-Coen and counselor education faculty Dr. Darcy Haag Granello, co-authored “The impact of curiosity on counselors’ social justice identity” in Journal of Social Action in Counseling and Psychology.

Jihyeon Choi, Meghan Breedlove, and Dr. Brett Zyromski co-authored “Mitigating the effects of adverse childhood experiences: How restorative practices in schools support positive childhood experiences and protective factors” in The New Educator.