Newly Admitted

Once admitted to your selected degree program, there are several steps that students will need to follow prior to beginning their first semester at Ohio State and the Department of Educational Studies. Students who are currently enrolled in another graduate program at Ohio State are invited to review the information outlined on this page specifically pertaining to the program or for review.

Review the New Student To-Do List The Graduate School highlights key steps as you begin your graduate degree at Ohio State. Make sure to reference the link about how to prepare for your first term.

Accepting your offer of admission to the Graduate School-It is very important that you formally accept your offer of admission. New students who have never been graduate students at the university should accept or decline our offer by logging into your Student Center on BuckeyeLink. Students transferring from another program at Ohio State, should email us at

Utilize your Buckeyemail/OSU email account– All official university communication is administered through this secured network. Begin to utilize this email account to send messages to university officials (faculty/staff) especially when requesting information regarding your academic progress and finances. Activate your email account here:

SSGS and Program Orientation– Each program holds their own orientation specifically for admitted students. Students are notified about their program’s orientation through their advisor. In addition to the program’s orientation, the Student Services and Graduate Studies office holds an online orientation through Carmen as well. This orientation is designed to be complementary to the program’s orientation to give students’ an overview of how to navigate graduate school. Plus a way to connect with other students from different programs within the department. Email communication will be sent out from the SSGS office to learn how to enroll or be added to the online orientation.

International Student Arrival– International students may need to wait to register for classes until they arrive at the university and attend the international student orientation. For more information about international student check-in and orientation, be sure to reference the Office of International Affair’s website,

Meet with your Advisor– Before registering for classes, it’s highly encouraged for you to meet with your assigned advisor at least once per term. Your advisor can review what requirements are needed for your degree and assist you when you are interested in making changes to your course scheduling if it’s impacted in a certain way. All students should connect with their advisor to discuss/review their program plans annually. MA, MLT, and EdS students will have access to the online degree audit to review their program plans beginning in autumn 2016. EdD and PhD students will still need to refer to their program plans for degree completion.

Complete Financial Responsibility Statement-Students are expected to electronically sign their financial responsibility statement each term before registering for courses each term. Once your enrollment windows are set by the registrar’s office, students are encouraged to complete their statement as soon as possible. Statements can be completed by logging in to your Student Center on BuckeyeLink.

Course Registration-With guidance/recommendations from your advisor, make sure to follow the procedures for registering outlined by the Graduate School. Additional communication about registering will be sent from our office as well to assist students in registering. Students may find the information on our department’s website about registering for classes helpful as well. To register for Educational Studies courses that require instructor permission, send all inquires to Emails must be sent from your OSU email account with the following information included: student name.#, course number, class number, day/times of course, and for how many credits.

Purchasing Textbooks– Textbooks can usually be found at the university bookstore which partners with Barnes & Noble or Student Book Exchange (SBX). You can search for your class on the Barnes and Noble web site to find books required for your classes There are numerous other bookstores around campus where you can find textbooks and related materials. You can also purchase or rent books through online booksellers.

Fee Payment– Fee must be paid in full by the due date indicated on your statement, typically one week prior to the start of classes per term. You can download your fee statement from your Student Center on BuckeyeLink. An itemized listing of your fees and your due date will be located there.

Student Health Insurance– Health care coverage is a condition of enrollment at Ohio State. All students who are enrolled at least half time in eligible classes are required to carry health insurance. Students who do not already have independent health coverage through their job, parents, etc. are required to enroll in Ohio State’s Comprehensive Student Health Insurance. If you have existing coverage, you can enroll in the university’s supplemental health insurance plan or waive the university’s health insurance enrollment entirely by providing proof of coverage. Further information about student health insurance can be obtained on the Student Health Insurance Program website,

Housing and Off-Campus Student Services- If you are looking for a place to live on campus, refer to Ohio State’s University Housing Website. Off-campus options can be found through Off-Campus and Commuter Student Services. Many of you both live and work off-campus. In addition to helping students find off-campus housing, the off-campus student services office is available “to provide programs and services to meet the needs of off campus and commuter students and to address the needs of all persons wishing to live, serve and engage in the University District and local community”.