Job Search

Earning your degree is one thing, but securing the job is another. Finding the position that suits you is what’s important. Whether it’s pursuing a position in academia, working for a non-profit organization or returning to your current role, there are plenty of options for you to review when it comes to life post-degree.

American Educational Research Association (AERA) Career Center:  Search for jobs in areas such as administration, consulting, counseling, evaluation, teaching and research.

American Psychological Association (APA) PsycCareers  Job Center: Search for career opportunities in psychology.

Department of Educational Studies Employment Opportunities Website: Check out academic job openings, career resources as well as job search resources in school districts as well as inside and outside of academia.

EHE Career Services: Find resources to help you have a successful job search or make an appointment to meet with an advisor.

HigherEd Jobs: Search for administrative, faculty and executive jobs within the Higher Education field.

Ohio Department of Education (ODE) Jobs: Search for education jobs in schools by region, county or district.

Versatile PhD: For members of the Ohio State graduate community who are interested in exploring non-academic career options.