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ESCE 5272: Wellness Techniques

Course Description: The purpose of this course is to train students to understand the theories and practical applications involved in assisting individuals and targeted groups with the lifestyle modifications and habit changes that contribute to overall well being. Course credit can count towards earning your Wellness Certificate!

Meeting times/location: Online

Instructor Dr. Ennio Ammendola

Credits: 3

Recommended for students in Nutrition and Dietetics, Social Work, Counseling, Psychology, Public Health, Nursing, Physical Health Coach, and ESCE 5271 Wellness students

ESCE 5271 – Wellness: Achieving a Healthy Lifestyle

Course Description: The purpose of this course is to provide students with the opportunity to become familiar with the current Wellness Paradigm and to explore various facets of wellness. The emphasis of this course is on the mediators of well-being to create a personalized wellness plan.

Meeting times/location: Online asyncrhonous


Instructor: Dr. Kaprea Johnson

Credits: 3

Recommended for students in Nursing and Psychology

ESEPSY 1259 – Learning and Motivation Strategies for College Success

Course Description: Want to study more effectively and manage your time like a pro? Students have called ESEPSY 1259 “one of my best classes ever” and shared that “I was able to learn strategies that are going to help me throughout the rest of my life.”

Meeting times/location: Multiple options! Learn more at go.osu.edu/1259.

Instructor: Dennis Learning Center team

Credits: 3

Recommended for any and all undergraduate students. This course is designed to help any student be a more effective learner.

ESEPOL 3312 – Conflict, Voice, and Power in Public Education

Course Description: This course explores various & often conflicting purposes of education, stakeholders’ interests, and power through intersectional pedagogy that includes race, gender, and sexuality. Students who complete this course will better understand the contested terrain in public education.

Course Flier: ESEPOL 3312 SP 2023

Meeting times/location: Wednesdays 12:45-2:05 p.m.


Instructor: Dr. Leslie K Morrow

Credits: 3

Students who are interested in learning social justice/change and anti-racist strategies within education are especially encouraged to take the class.

ESPHE 5440 – Philosophical Perspectives on Race, Education, and Citizenship

Course Description: This course in philosophy of education presents a unique opportunity to engage in a close study of race and education within a political context.

Course Flier: ESPHE5440

Meeting times/location: Mondays, 4:30


Instructor: Dr. Winston Thompson

Credits: 3

ESHESA 2577 – Diversity and Social Justice in Leadership

Course Description: In a society that is culturally diverse yet socially stratified, discussions about difference and community are important to facilitate understanding among different social and cultural groups. Come learn skills for cultural understanding that are essential for today’s leaders.

Meeting times/location: Multiple times and locations

In-Person and Hybrid

Instructor: Various instructors

Credits: 3